Lampe launches new window fabric

Lampe Textiles (B7-C5) is using Fespa to launch Squid, a new product aimed at signage companies, architects and interior designers.

The product can be printed using several techniques and is a self-adhesive, transparent, woven fabric that can be applied to windows of any size and shape or walls.

Director Johan Bonner said: “We have been developing Squid for two-and-half-years but a couple of months ago we came across the world of large-format printing and it really likes the product.

“We have made curtains for 35 years but only recently came up with the crazy idea that instead of hanging we should glue the curtain to the window. The effect is like a stained-glass window.

“We made it so it can be used in processes such as UV, eco-solvent and latex. There are many products for printers, but Squid is the only textile that is self-adhesive and transparent.”

Bonner said Squid was an expensive niche product costing around €60p/sqm (£50) and the company was not looking to sell massive volumes but show “something very unique”.

Five colours include chalk, bone, oak, ash and rock and the product reflects up to 36% of the sun’s energy, increasing colour reproduction durability of the image. 

It is heat resistant up to 60°C, fire retardant to M1/B1 and moisture resistant, so fit for installation in retail locations. Being breathable, it is also suitable for glass.

It requires no fixtures or fittings, users simply cut the fabric to their exact requirements and, according to the company, it sticks to the window indefinitely but can be easily removed without leaving a residue.

An unprinted version ensures privacy and solar protection for the B2C and B2B window decoration markets.

Bonner added: “The substrate is perfect for digital print. We’ve realised some wonderful results with latex and are currently exploring other technologies.” 

Lampe Textiles is based in Tielt, Belgium, and is the brainchild of textiles engineer and company founder Philippe Lampe. Its UK distributor is CMYUK.