Technical Feature

The printbots are coming

Some people were predicting this was going to be an AI Drupa, or an automation Drupa. But most visibly, it was certainly a robot Drupa.

Finishing equipment that goes above and beyond

From the start, manufacturers of B2 digital presses made their compatibility with existing B2 offset finishing installations a big part of their pitch, and this works fine when replacing offset jobs...

The B2 digital press market

Is B2 digital killing B2 offset press sales? When the first B2 format digital presses were announced at Drupa 2008 and 2012, their makers predicted that they would be bought to complement B2 offset...

Best of British: Ink in the veins

For more than 60 years, RK Print Coat instruments has been faithfully serving the global inks and coating sectors with indispensable test kits.

Keeping the wheels turning

It’s hard to know which is worse – a print company with not enough business, or a firm with enough work but plant that has broken down. Neither are ideal and both are worrying.

Best of British: The road to success

Taopix was one of the first software developers to come up with a commercially successful system that allowed printers to implement web-to-print ordering for photobooks, since expanded to a range of...

The direct approach to apparel

Printing to garments and other accessories is an excellent way to get into the growing apparel market, covering everything from promotional clothing through to fashion and sportswear.

Coatings clean & green

Nu-Coat prides itself on being the world’s first carbon-neutral manufacturer of self-adhesive products for the sign and graphics sectors. Only set up in 2018 and despite the challenges of lockdowns...

Reliving the colours of an earlier world

It’s easy to think of the past in black and white. The family photographs, movies, books and magazines we see from 100 years ago or older, are resolutely monochrome. We know that people of the times...

Best of British: The genies of the lamp

Just as the UK has a cluster of inkjet developers which one way or another can trace their origins back to Cambridge University colleges, it also has a crop of innovative UV curing lamp makers whose...