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Solving Print's Pain Points

An exclusive Printweek supplement highlighting businesses that have risen to the industry's challenges.

Best of British: The genies of the lamp

Just as the UK has a cluster of inkjet developers which one way or another can trace their origins back to Cambridge University colleges, it also has a crop of innovative UV curing lamp makers whose...

Labelexpo Europe 2023: More than just labelling

Labelexpo Europe made a welcome return in Brussels in September, after the lockdown hiatus, with manufacturers taking a broader focus than purely labels.

Best of British: Industrial inkjet’s wizards

Here’s another pioneering British developer that grew up in the inkjet hothouse around Cambridge.

GEW’s headquarters and production facility in Crawley, West Sussex

Lighting the way

We’ve built up quite a library of Best of British stories now, but Crawley- based UV lamp maker GEW (EC) might just claim the title of ‘most British’ to date.

Making connections: assessing the UK’s MIS landscape

Management information systems or MIS, is a fairly loose and fluid group of computerised financial, production and sales support tools.

Linotype factory in 1898.

Best of British: A Christmas compendium

Grace’s Guide is an online, free-access treasure trove of British industrial history.

New cures for rocketing energy costs

Rocketing global energy prices are throwing up changes of behaviour across most domestic and industrial activities, with printing being no exception.

Nailing down the kilowatts 

Wrap up and prepare, there’s no doubt we’re all facing a hard winter, with industry hit as much as households by the rocketing price of gas, electricity and vehicle fuels. While the government...

Colour confusion

Adobe’s decision to drop Pantone colour books has caused concern among users. So what does it mean for printers and what other options are there?

Keep the uptimes rolling

When it comes to machinery maintenance, it’s advisable to have a service plan in place to keep the wheels well oiled and costs down