Overmatter: the printing shoe

Image: Taylor Tabb

Overmatter loves a cool shoe. Heelys, for example, a work of genius. Light-up LED wellies – also a quite brilliant innovation. 

Now thanks to the creative brain of Taylor Tabb – who loves exploring how technology can be applied in unexpected ways – we have the mashup nobody asked for, the printing shoe. 

Taylor explains his frankly bonkers creation, thus: “I built a printer into a shoe so I can print wherever I go! No longer must you choose between shoes and a printer! It uses an HP inkjet print cartridge and modified converse mid-tops”

Tabb has 47,800 followers on Instagram and gained nearly 6,000 likes for his shoe stunt. 

Putting aside the many obvious impracticalities of such a setup, Overmatter, like some of Tabb’s followers, was disappointed not to see much in the way of detail in terms of what’s actually happening on the sole of the modified trainer… Somehow, we don’t think we’ll be seeing this product in the Drupa Next Age area featuring disruptive developments.