Celeb print collab

Overmatter: Poster boys

Do you want to be in Simon Cowell’s new boyband? Could you be part of the next Westlife or One Direction??

Overmatter was delighted to see the music entrepreneur and TV personality turn to the power of print to drum up some publicity for his latest reality TV show.

Cowell was filmed gamely wielding a paste brush and posting up his own “Simon needs  YOU” billboard on one of BuildHollywood’s sites  in London.

His Instagram video depicting the stunt shows him wearing the same outfit and sunglasses as pictured on the poster – so macho! 

A version of the promo also appeared on one of Global’s large-format digital screens.

Cowell kindly offered some pointers for boy band wannabes keen to take part in the upcoming auditions: “Here are my top tips for the boyband auditions happening soon. Remember, it doesn’t matter if you’ve never auditioned before, and it’s so much more than just the singing. 

“Personality counts for a lot, and also just showing up on the day… you’d be amazed at how many people nearly don’t! Take the chance. You never know, it could change your life.”

Those aged “around 16-18” and with the potential to be a global superstar in the making (it says here), should apply at simonneedsyou.com.