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Asking the right questions helps you make more informed choices
Four steps to making an informed choice

Pose the right questions and find the right system

Discover the four straightforward questions all business owners should ask before purchasing their next textile printing system.

Mike Boyle: a rising tide lifts all boats
Time to embrace a circular economy

Closing the loop: How to be a truly sustainable business and why it matters

HP’s Mike Boyle looks at how embracing a circular economy can be a win for consumers, printers and the planet and shares some of the lessons from HP’s journey of adopting a closed-loop business...

Strong: Adare SEC’s USP is its ability to deliver transformational change in business process
Discover how it delivers critical comms at volume

Adare SEC drives impressive digital growth

Adare SEC’s pedigree is in print. From its sites in Huddersfield, Redditch, Leicester and Glasgow the company helps clients in highly regulated sectors deliver critical communications at volume.

Automated, seamless order submission

Solopress launches Soloflo, its new API solution

In response to high demand from its customers, Solopress has created its own API solution, Soloflo. The new feature will increase efficiency for customers by allowing them to automate the submission...

Brands should proactively seek to layer authentication features
IP is a brand's most valuable asset

Create a winning brand protection strategy

Sarah Rutland looks at how today’s omnichannel retail market, with its futuristic, Industry 4.0-ready finery, offers many opportunities for brands – but also many risks.

Digital production meets the challenges of digital shopping
Embrace the potential of digitised production

Direct to Garment printing – is it worth the investment?

If 30% of all textile items produced today are never purchased, why be part of the problem when you can drive and profit from the solution.

Ian Allan: the company's essence is ‘People, Pedigree, Peace of Mind’
Business produces 100m secure documents a year

Kalamazoo – a century pedigree in security print

Discover how Kalamazoo, a division of Adare SEC, has been producing secure documents for organisations and governments across the world for over 100 years.

The Emami mill Balasore, Odisha in eastern India
Emami products come to the UK

Leading Indian board mill sets sights on UK growth with AM partnership

AM Trading UK has been appointed exclusive official UK partner for all Emami coated board products, as it targets expanding the options for UK packaging converters.

A digitised marketplace needs digitised production capabilities
Direct-to-fabric technology

Good for your business, good for the planet

As the much-maligned fashion industry looks to clean up its act, on-demand direct-to-fabric printing might just represent its, and your, biggest opportunity.

Cooper: We found ourselves with a decision to make
'We took the more ambitious path'

Solopress details strategy behind its £5m move into B1

Driven by demand and an appetite to diversify, Solopress recently announced £5m in new investment. Now, the Essex-based printer shares the logic behind its strategic spend and how it changed the...

Hall: We want UK buyers to see what we can offer

"We’re Europe’s most cost-effective high-volume printer"

Craig Hall, who heads Em De Jong’s UK office, details how the high-volume printer offers the biggest range of formats, produced on the most up-to-date printing presses in the market.

Sylvamo works with Climate Partner on Earth First

Sylvamo unveils climate neutral paper

Sylvamo has launched a certified climate neutral paper, HP Earth First, which comes in reams with 100% recyclable paper wrapping.

Typical print production workflow

Efficiency is key for capitalising on direct mail opportunities

Driving down inefficiencies in direct mail has never been more important if we want to emphasise print’s advantage and rise to meet market challenges and opportunities.

Christmas campaign distribution made easy with LDM

Top tips on delivering the perfect seasonal door drop

Too early to think about Christmas? In business, no such thing, and LDM will be here to make sure that sleigh bells aren’t the only thing ringing!

In Europe alone, breast cancer affects 1 in 8 women

Sylvamo and HP support fight against breast cancer

Sylvamo and HP Papers have partnered with Think Pink Europe to highlight Breast Cancer Awareness Month and support the fight against the disease with their HP Pink Ream campaign.