Overmatter: Where there's merch, there's brass

Overmatter wonders whether any prescient printing industry folk have manufacturer merch worth thousands of pounds squirrelled away at the back of the wardrobe?

News that Sotheby’s is selling a pair of vintage Apple Inc branded trainers for a cool $50,000 (about £39,300) had Overmatter scrambling for the dusty corners of the garage – there’s an Apple Newton Messagepad in there somewhere! 

The story about the trainers – shipping not included – also gave Fujifilm’s Mark Stephenson pause for thought. 

“If only I hadn’t worn my limited edition Apple sweatshirt for painting and decorating. It was a gift to resellers in the UK from Apple marketing manager Craig Sears-Black back in the early 1990s,” said Mark, despairingly, sharing a pic of the paint-spattered garment.

Another merch blast from the past also involves sneakers – the purple, Converse-style high-tops given away by Wam!Net back in the day when ISDN was a thing. There’s a pair for sale on eBay for the comparatively bargainacious buy-it-now price of just $124.99. 

“A great obscure souvenir from a slice of tech history,” says seller Twilokitty. 

Now, where did I put that lovely grey Heidelberg blouson jacket?