Solving Print's Pain Points

An exclusive Printweek supplement highlighting businesses that have risen to the industry's challenges.

Overmatter: the printing shoe

Overmatter loves a cool shoe. Heelys, for example, a work of genius. Light-up LED wellies – also a quite brilliant innovation. 

Overmatter: Where there's merch, there's brass

Overmatter wonders whether any prescient printing industry folk have manufacturer merch worth thousands of pounds squirrelled away at the back of the wardrobe?

Overmatter: miniature marvels

What have we here? Teeny tiny replicas of 8in floppy discs and a 1:12 scale model of an Epson RF 80 FT dot matrix printer, complete with punched computer paper. Remember them?

Overmatter: Stella Artois

Fancy adorning your wall with a hint of Queen Victoria’s side boob? Or perhaps a bare-chested King Charles III would be suitably on-trend, and the perfect addition to any Coronation-themed décor...

Overmatter: Winter window wonderland

Who doesn’t love a good Christmas window? The very best can bring out the inner child in us all.

Gutenburg Game: a "mid-weight strategy game taking place in the 15th century"

Overmatter: Gutenberg game

German printing pioneer Johannes Gutenberg continues to inspire, more than 550 years after his death.

Overmatter Khorsandi’s canvas

Stand-up comic and author Shaparak Khorsandi could have started something of a photo canvas craze after accidentally having a large canvas printed with an image of her mobile phone’s entire screen,...

Kriswillcode's clever design for the Wordle score badge. Image: Kriswillcode

Overmatter: Wear your Wordle

Hands up who’s become horribly addicted to the cult daily work-out-the-word game, Wordle?

Overmatter: Check your cheques

Cheques are just so last century, aren’t they? But not for Overmatter, oh no. So it was exciting to see a cheque doing a very 21st-century social media thing – going viral – thanks to a data file...

Overmatter: A bunch of benches

Overmatter loves a good calendar. Countryfile, obviously. Perhaps something stylish involving lovely illustrations from Art Angels,  Angela Harding or depictions of beautiful manuscripts from The...