'Drupa Lipa' vibes

Overmatter: Drupa tunes

Electronicos Fantasticos: print-based music-makers

The Drupa 2024 team recently treated selected guests, including lucky old Overmatter, to a taster of the Drupa Song that will be the opening soundtrack every day at the upcoming show.

Described as having “that Dua Lipa vibe” by Printweek’s resident pop expert, news editor Richard Stuart-Turner, you can find the sample on Drupa’s YouTube channel.

But we wonder, have the Messe team missed a trick here, after Japanese collective Electronicos Fantasticos came to Overmatter’s attention.

The project reincarnates “old electrical appliances as new electromagnetic instruments, invents new ways to play music, and co-creates orchestras and festivals”.

One of its works, Barcoder, involves making music with printed barcodes and barcode scanners “connecting the scanned signal of a barcode scanner to a powered speaker directly” whereby the electric signal creates sound. Another, Barcodress/Barcodance involves playing a dress printed with barcode-like patterns – and as we know printed textiles are very on-trend at present.

While grooving to the resulting trippy beats, Overmatter could not help but wonder what Electronicos Fantasticos might achieve with a QR code, some stochastic screening, nano-scale dots, or a bit of dimensional print?

Worth making a note for Drupa 2028, Drupa team!