Overmatter: Poster boys

Do you want to be in Simon Cowell’s new boyband? Could you be part of the next Westlife or One Direction??

Overmatter: Drupa tunes

The Drupa 2024 team recently treated selected guests, including lucky old Overmatter, to a taster of the Drupa Song that will be the opening soundtrack every day at the upcoming show.

Overmatter: Good Will Dunkings

The ins and outs of American football are a mystery to Overmatter. But the hoopla around the annual Super Bowl event is always something to behold.

Overmatter: Van-tastic cost savings on hotel horrors

Overmatter recently looked into a simple overnight stay at a Premier Inn, but found the price tag blench-makingly higher than anticipated. 

Overmatter: the printing shoe

Overmatter loves a cool shoe. Heelys, for example, a work of genius. Light-up LED wellies – also a quite brilliant innovation. 

Overmatter: Where there's merch, there's brass

Overmatter wonders whether any prescient printing industry folk have manufacturer merch worth thousands of pounds squirrelled away at the back of the wardrobe?

Overmatter: miniature marvels

What have we here? Teeny tiny replicas of 8in floppy discs and a 1:12 scale model of an Epson RF 80 FT dot matrix printer, complete with punched computer paper. Remember them?

Overmatter: Stella Artois

Fancy adorning your wall with a hint of Queen Victoria’s side boob? Or perhaps a bare-chested King Charles III would be suitably on-trend, and the perfect addition to any Coronation-themed décor...

Overmatter: Winter window wonderland

Who doesn’t love a good Christmas window? The very best can bring out the inner child in us all.

Gutenburg Game: a "mid-weight strategy game taking place in the 15th century"

Overmatter: Gutenberg game

German printing pioneer Johannes Gutenberg continues to inspire, more than 550 years after his death.