Kornit Digital

Digital production meets the challenges of digital shopping
Embrace the potential of digitised production

Direct to Garment printing – is it worth the investment?

If 30% of all textile items produced today are never purchased, why be part of the problem when you can drive and profit from the solution.

A digitised marketplace needs digitised production capabilities
Direct-to-fabric technology

Good for your business, good for the planet

As the much-maligned fashion industry looks to clean up its act, on-demand direct-to-fabric printing might just represent its, and your, biggest opportunity.

Threadless embroidery is one of the many creative options

Kornit opens a world of possibilities

More than 3D, Kornit’s XDi technology takes creativity, simplicity and business to a new dimension and opens a world of possibilities for print firms.

Porter (left): We have quickly seen the versatility it gives us

How combining digital and conventional can reap untold rewards

Branded and bespoke clothing specialist Screenworks shares how blending screenprinting and direct-to-garment (DTG) technology boosted its business.