Star product: Scodix E106

Scodix says high-end foiling for the masses is now viable with this enhancement press.

What does it do?

The Scodix E106 is a forthcoming high-throughput B1-format digital enhancement press. When it arrives next year it will be the fastest machine of its type. 

It’s a sheetfed single-pass inkjet that can print a very clear UV-cured spot varnish and apply metallic and other foils with no need for metal dies. Nine ‘embellishment’ functions are possible. 

“There is no other system on the market that will allow you to deliver this range of combination of print enhancements,” claims Scodix chief executive Roy Porat.

It can accept, feed and automatically register pre-printed sheets from any process. 

When was it launched and what’s the target market?

The announcement was at Drupa 2016, with a machine demonstrated there. However, beta tests start in Q2 to mid 2017, says Tracey, with commercial units installed by the end of the year. 

“The primary target is short- to medium-run folding cartons, but basically it’s anyone that has a sheetfed process needing B1 with an industrial output,” says Nigel Tracey, Scodix’s head of packaging. 

How does it work?

Scodix E106 is a 760mm-wide single-pass inkjet press, the widest and fastest Scodix to date. The feeder, paper transport and stacker are built by Mabeg in Germany.

The key component is the proprietary UV-cured polymer ink, which cures to optical clarity. It can lay down a very thick coating, up to 250 microns per pass, with variable thickness to give textures. Multiple passes can build up the thickness even further and can apply effects over foil.

The nine embellishment are: Spot, traditional high gloss UV varnish; Sense, raised and textured spot varnish; Foil, dieless cold foil application; Metallic, spot varnish on Deprosa’s Soft Touch matt metallic laminate; Crystal, multiple passes simulating glue-on gems; VDP/VDE, variable data printing/enhancement; Braille; Cast & Cure, diffraction; and Glitter, glitter particles applied pre-cure. 

A cold foiling unit built by Compact Foilers in Taunton is standard. This brings foil into contact with the tacky polymer where it adheres before full curing. 

How is artwork handled?

File input is full-colour PDF job artwork. A named effects layer is detected by the RIP and only that is printed. Greyscales control variable heights and textures. 

How does it differ from previous models?

This is the largest and fastest Scodix printer since the company went public at Ipex 2010. It will also be the most expensive. Tracey says this is the company’s first “industrial,” press, intended for operating continuously the whole working week. 

How fast is it?

The rated speed is 4,000 B1 sheets per hour for single-pass embellishment. 

What’s the USP?

“It’s a replacement technology for traditional hot foil processes,” says Tracey. “These are processes which are the most complex, at the highest fixed cost in terms of makeready time and tooling cost. 

“What used to take four hours, today can be done in four minutes.”

How easy is it to use?

Tracey says that operations are pretty well the same as any digital press. However, more important is the comparison to traditional hot foil stamping, he says. “It really is one of those very old black arts. My 84-year-old father set it up today, having done his typesetting apprenticeship when he was 14.”

What support is on offer?

The first installations will be made by Scodix directly, then local partners will take over, Tracey says. “There will be on-site training and application support, as with our current machine installations.”

What does it cost?

The announced price is €1.4m.

Installations and targets?

There are no installations yet, but Betas are expected by mid-2017, with commercial installations by year-end. “We will deliver up to six units in 2017 including our Beta programme,” Tracey says. “Then we will install 10 to 20 units, it’s a bit of a wide range but it’s still in the definition stage for 2018, with the ramp up thereafter.” 


Process Single-pass inkjet with UV-cured clear polymer ink

Max speed 4,000sph

Max sheet size 1,060x760mm

Min sheet size 500x707mm

Max print size 1,040x750mm

Print height Up to 250 microns per pass

Resolution 600x2,540dpi

Media weight range 135-700gsm

Max media thickness 2mm

Foil types Standard hot and cold foils, up to five rolls across the width, min 50mm, 76mm core

Footprint 10.2x6m 

Price About €1.4m (currently about £1.2m)

Contact Scodix + 972 3 903 3371 ALTERNATIVES

MGI JETvarnish 3D Evolution

A scalable digital embellishment press with a choice of three print widths and the ability to retrofit wider print units. It can print clear spot varnish with raised and textured effects, plus optional iFoil inline foiling unit. Registration is automatic.

Process Single pass inkjet with UV-cured clear inks

Max speed 3,000 B1 sph

Print height Up to 200 microns

Effects Spot varnish, raised and textured spot coating, optional inline foiling

Foil Up to five rolls across the width, from 100mm width up

Price B1 size from €800,000 (about £688,000)

Contact MGI Technology UK 01442 446446

Autobond SUV 

Autobond offers SUV inline digital spot UV inkjets for its high-end laminators. A cold foiling unit can be fitted to this. 

Process Spot UV inkjet with cold foiling

Max speed 3,600 B1 sph

Print height Up to 40 microns per pass

Max sheet size 740x1,020mm

Effects Spot varnish, foil

Price £468,520 with Heidelberg feeder and in-line foiler

Contact Autobond 01773 530520

Bobst Masterfoil 106 PR

This takes the same size sheets as the Scodix, can do true embossing and runs twice as fast. However, it needs dies and won’t do spot varnish. 

Process Hot foil stamping

Maximum speed 8,000sph

Footprint 10x7.3m

Price Pricing starts from around £500,000

Contact Bobst UK 01527 519700 


““The Scodix Ultra Pro with Foil will allow us to quickly establish our presence in the digital enhancement market prior to the Scodix E106 installation moving forward”” 4/5  

Justin Wilkins sales director at Ken Wilkins Print Group, Nottingham on the Scodix Ultra Pro