Simon Eccles

Developments in robotics

The printbots are coming

Some people were predicting this was going to be an AI Drupa, or an automation Drupa. But most visibly, it was certainly a robot Drupa.

Post-press kit for digital B2

Finishing equipment that goes above and beyond

From the start, manufacturers of B2 digital presses made their compatibility with existing B2 offset finishing installations a big part of their pitch, and this works fine when replacing offset jobs...


Star product: Taktiful Reaktor and Kreator

Taktiful Reaktor and Kreator are two new products intended to help printers design and visualise embellishments.

Cutting tables

Star product: Kongsberg Ultimate

Kongsberg describes this next-generation digital cutting table as a game-changer and promises it will deliver the highest performance on just about any metric you can think of.


Me & my: PrintIQ

When the large-format print and installation specialist Wallace Print found that its existing MIS was being stretched to its limits, it looked around for an alternative.

The B2 digital press market

Is B2 digital killing B2 offset press sales? When the first B2 format digital presses were announced at Drupa 2008 and 2012, their makers predicted that they would be bought to complement B2 offset...

UK manufacturing

Best of British: Ink in the veins

For more than 60 years, RK Print Coat instruments has been faithfully serving the global inks and coating sectors with indispensable test kits.


Star Product: Fiery Digital Factory v11.1

A wide-format-specific RIP for high-fidelity colour printing with high-end job management tools.

Wide-format printing

Me & My: Xenons 180

Chinese built machinery is now very common in the printing sector, though it’s not always obvious because some of it carries reassuringly familiar European or Japanese brands, which lend it a feeling...

UK success story

Best of British: The road to success

Taopix was one of the first software developers to come up with a commercially successful system that allowed printers to implement web-to-print ordering for photobooks, since expanded to a range of...