Fujifilm readies digital printing showcase

FP790 will be officially launched next year
FP790 will be officially launched next year

Fujifilm will demo its new Jet Press FP790 water-based inkjet flexible packaging press via a live link to Japan at its upcoming Peak Performance Print Experience event.

The event will take place on 28 and 29 September at Fujifilm’s Advanced Print Technology Centre in Brussels, where its high-speed Jet Press B2 inkjet press and its imprinting offering will also be demonstrated. 

The Jet Press FP790 flexible packaging model will be demonstrated by Manuel Schrutt, appointed head of packaging for EMEA earlier this year, from Japan via a live link.

The press uses water-based inks and is understood to be a development of the Eucon technology preview shown at Drupa 2016. It also builds upon the experience gained in Japan from its UV inkjet Jet Press 540WV.

The FP790 has a web width of 790mm and runs at 50m/min, printing CMYK at 1,200x1,200dpi. The press will be officially launched during 2023.

Fujifilm said the event would allow customers from across Europe to see the latest developments in its “rapidly expanding digital print portfolio”, which includes its new Revoria toner devices for some markets, but not the UK as yet. 

Because of that, on 28 September Fujifilm will host visitors from the UK and France, while 29 September will involve customers and partners from Revoria markets. 

Taro Aoki, head of Digital Press Solutions at Fujifilm Europe, said the business was delighted to hold the event again after last year’s inaugural outing.  

“The first event was a huge success and we look forward to presenting our very latest technologies at this year’s event,” he said. 

“The Jet Press 750S High Speed Model leads the market in terms of quality and performance, while our imprinting solution offers flexibility for digital transformation. We look forward to showcasing our extensive portfolio at our Advanced Print Technology Centre and demonstrating how print businesses can achieve peak performance print with Fujifilm technology.”

New features on the Jet Press 750S High Speed model will be showcased at the event, where customers including  Henning Rose, CEO of German business Wegner, will explain first-hand how the Fujifilm technology has helped to transform their businesses. 

Mark Stephenson, Fujifilm Europe digital press and print manager, said: “Manuel will be presenting the FP790 from our labs in Japan, so visitors will be able to ask him questions about specific aspects of the press. We will also have printed samples available for people to take away. 

“We also have two new features to talk about on the Jet Press 750S HS, these are further enhancements of the platform that proves it is still growing and gaining new things ten years on – it’s still as vibrant as ever. And we now have a full demo rig of the imprinting system in Brussels to demonstrate our print bars, because with imprinting the requirements are different for every customer.”

Stephenson said there would also be a link-up with the recently-acquired Unigraphica inkjet integration facility in Lichtenstein.