Fujifilm readies B2 Revoria

Fujifilm's theme for IGAS 2022
Fujifilm's theme for IGAS 2022

Fujifilm has shown a B2 version of its Revoria digital press at the IGAS show in Japan.

The technology demonstration of the new device marks a potential first in dry toner-based digital presses. Other concept devices have been shown in the past, but have not made it to market. 

Fujifilm described it as the “world’s first B2 size sheetfed digital press that uses dry toner technology”.

Fujifilm launched its own-brand Revoria range of digital presses last year, following the end of the Fuji-Xerox partnership. The presses are not currently available in the UK. 

The provisional name for the new device is Revoria Press B2. Printweek understands that Fujifilm has developed new techniques for charging and distributing toner uniformly over the larger sheet size, which is actually B2-plus. The press was described as having “excellent paper versatility”.

A short promo video for the Revoria Press B2 can be viewed here. 

Fujifilm also showed a new processless plate, Superia ZX, and continuous feed inkjet web on its booth, which focused on smart factory solutions under the banner of ‘Believing in Print’. This included the Revoria One Production Cockpit for offset, digital and post-press processes.

The high-speed Jet Press 1160CF inkjet is only available in Asia Pacific and will not be sold in Europe. 

Fujifilm also linked with Ryobi MHI Technology and Horizon to showcase the smart factory processes. 

This year’s IGAS is the first following the integration of the print-related operations of Fujifilm and Fujifilm Business Innovation (formerly Fuji Xerox) last year.

Yesterday (24 November), Fujifilm announced that it would stop making printing plates at its Tilburg facility next year.