Overmatter: salute the suit

Overmatter loves the fact that printed garments are very much on-trend at the moment. After all, somebody, somewhere, is printing all that stuff.

And then we saw this. Possibly THE most outlandish piece of printed garb yet, and modelled by one of our very own. 

To mark the Queen’s 90th birthday last month Tim Solway of London’s Solways and Scotland’s Solway Print donned this natty attire to honour Her Maj’s landmark. 

We’re particularly impressed by the attention to detail demonstrated by the matching bow tie. 

Also the use of a teaser Tweet to whet our appetites before the full reveal of the patriotic accoutre.

Whether Tim was among the crowds greeting HM Queen on her Windsor walkabout we don’t know. We also don’t know if he braved the tube in that get-up. 

Perhaps he’s angling for an invitation to the Queen’s ‘official birthday’ events next month? Overmatter will be keeping a keen lookout during the Queen’s Birthday Parade on Horse Guards Parade, and looks forward to seeing what Tim turns up in next.