Overmatter: Serious House Envy

Up for grabs: neighbouring houses go for at least £1m
Up for grabs: neighbouring houses go for at least £1m

Ever fancied a millionaire lifestyle, living in a great big posh mansion somewhere leafy?

While realising that this sort of situation is actually quite normal for some high-achieving Printweek readers, the same cannot be said for Overmatter.

Imagine our excitement, then to see a tweet from erstwhile Paperhat boss Tim Peppiatt, subsequently co-founder of Peppiatt & Williams, and now head of UK CH LOC procurement (whatever that means) at pharma giant GSK.

Peppiatt, via winkentishluxury.com, is running a promo to win his swish property in Kent.

Buy a £25 raffle ticket and Gargirita in Sevenoaks could be yours!

The “impressive Queen Anne style residence” is located on an upmarket road in Otford where most of the houses go for at least £1m.

Five bedrooms, cinema room and gym, extensive grounds… you get the picture. Quite frankly Overmatter would be delighted with the self-contained flat over the double garage.

Of course with house raffles it is always wise to study the small print. And, indeed, the local Council Tax rates.