Overmatter: Pooch personalisation

Jo Francis
Thursday, July 23, 2020

Overmatter loves coming across dogs in print – in fact a couple can be found in the mentions on the previous pages.

Missing your pooch's pong?
Missing your pooch's pong?

Imagine Overmatter’s delight, then, at discovering a whole website that is quite literally all about dogs in print – personalised printed items featuring people’s own pooches, that is.

Step forward Dogsy.co.uk with its range of wooftastic items for owners and most importantly for their pampered pets.

Your dog’s face on a pair of socks! Or your face AND your dog’s face on a set of ‘dog and owner’ socks.

Pillowcases, pyjamas, coasters, beach towels, flip-flops, keyrings, suitcases… the list goes on.

And how about the possibly quite surreal sight of your dog lounging on a suitably face-shaped cushion with its own features on it?

For those emotionally difficult times when your canine chum has to be left behind, why not get its likeness in a temporary tattoo so you can take them with you?

And for road trips, chuck out that tired old ‘magic tree’ car air freshener and install one featuring your dog’s chops instead. This does, though, conjure up an image of checking up on man’s best friend in the rear view mirror, while doggo in the back checks itself dangling from said mirror.

Barking mad, or work of genius? You decide.


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