Overmatter: A bunch of benches

Overmatter loves a good calendar. Countryfile, obviously. Perhaps something stylish involving lovely illustrations from Art Angels,  Angela Harding or depictions of beautiful manuscripts from The British Library.

The ‘Benches of Redditch’? Not  so much. 

And yet, this unpromising  subject matter is proving a nice little earner for retired printer Kevin Beresford, the self-proclaimed “UK’s dullest man”. 

Here’s the pitch for the benches collection: “People of Redditch, we see them every day. We sometimes sit upon them, rest on them and maybe, sometimes even sleep on them, but most of the time we simply ignore them. With this calendar we hope you will join us and appreciate them as objects of comfort, restfulness and beauty.”

Kevin first found fame with his Roundabouts Appreciation Society and Roundabouts of Great Britain calendars and coasters, and has added to the range with further unpromising subjects including car parks, post boxes, car parks  and now… benches. The range  is interleaved with something a little more racey in the form of  ‘The Wonderful World of Jack Grealish’s Calves’. 

At £10.00 the calendar is also perfectly priced to make the ideal Secret Santa gift for that friend or colleague who’s difficult to buy for. The power of print meets the power of dull.