Liberty Packaging Systems unveils innovative VIP Color label printers

The 18m/min VIP750 models run water-resistant print technology

Liberty Packaging Systems (LPS) has become the official UK dealer of VIP Color’s revolutionary series of Memjet-powered label printers.

The new line, consisting of the VIP600, VIP650, VIP700 and VIP750, is designed to seamlessly integrate into any work environment. With their compact design, these printers offer unmatched versatility for businesses seeking efficient and cost-effective labelling solutions.

According to LPS, the product family redefines printing technology standards.

The mid-range models, VIP600 and VIP650, boast a printing speed of up to 12m/min, making them ideal for businesses with moderate production needs. At the top end, the VIP700 and VIP750 models take labelling to new heights with speeds of up to 18m/min, catering to high-volume production demands.

The entire range uses Memjet thermal inkjet technology, producing sharp and vibrant labels offering 1,600dpi print quality.

What sets the VIP650 and VIP750 models apart is their utilisation of water-resistant print technology. This ground-breaking feature makes them particularly well-suited for industries dealing with chilled food and beverages, animal care, cleaning products, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and other moisture-exposed products.

According to LPS the VIP Label Printers offer the highest quality at the lowest total cost of ownership, with LPS offering free installation, training, onsite service and a maintenance package that is not available elsewhere.

"These printers are a game-changer, offering speed, efficiency, versatility and cost-effectiveness. We are excited to bring this innovative technology to our customers and empower them to elevate their labelling capabilities," said LPS managing director Mansur Ali.

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