Kirk-Rudy technology

AMS highlights the ever-expanding range of RFID opportunities

AMS supplies a wide range of Kirk-Rudy equipment in the UK

Printing and packaging technology pioneer AMS Mailing Solutions (AMS) has highlighted the evolution of the Kirk-Rudy RFID Encoding System, which opens myriad applications ranging from direct mail and cards to labels and stickers.

According to market intelligence provider IDTechEx, the retail apparel sector alone required more than 20bn RFID labels in 2022.

The technology ensures that tags and labels share detailed information, using low-power radio waves to receive, store and transmit data to nearby readers. The RFID tags consist of a microchip or integrated circuit, an antenna and a protective layer to hold it all together.

AMS' RFID tagging system is versatile, finding applications in industries beyond retail such as logistics, supply chain, race timing, access control, laundry management, tool tracking and IT asset tracking.

A standout in the lineup is the Kirk-Rudy RFID Encoding System, which not only feeds, transports, reads, encodes, and verifies RFID tags at high speeds, but also includes an inkjet printing system, stacking system, RFID label applicator and conveyor.

"At its core, the Kirk-Rudy system comprises a feeder, PC and software, camera, encoder and bases. The unique software is specially crafted to read, encode, validate and track RFID tags," said AMS managing director Mansur Ali.

Designed to meet the rigorous demands of the RFID industry, the Kirk-Rudy platform was initially developed for encoding and imprinting hang tags used in the garment industry. However, the system has found applications in direct mail, wet inlays, dry inlays, labels, wristbands, hard tags, cards, stickers and fobs.

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