Renz adds new shield design

Mouth & Nose Shield: alternative face covering
Mouth & Nose Shield: alternative face covering

Renz has added to its growing protective equipment business with a new Mouth & Nose Shield.

The new design joins the firm’s protective equipment range, which already includes full face visors, hands-free disinfectant dispensers and door openers, and the ‘Buddy’ multi-hygiene hook.

The Protective Mouth & Nose Shield fits around the chin and is secured with “soft and comfortable” ear loops. 

Renz UK managing director Iain Bullock said: “As our range of PPE has been so successful we wanted to tackle the issue of not being able to see someone’s mouth when wearing a mask.

“We decided to launch the latest Nose / Mouth Shield after the ‘compulsory’ wearing of face masks in shops came into force last Friday. We have spent ages getting the design right and making them comfortable to wear, and we are in production now.”

Renz will also add the product to the existing range it sells through Amazon, where the firm is using the Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) service.

“Our Face Shields sell incredibly well on Amazon, we have both the Face Shield and the replacement packs of screens on FBA now after a lot of hard work here picking, packing and despatching during April and May,” Bullock added.

Renz ships in bulk to Amazon which then handles pick, pack and despatch. The shields are made in Germany.

The list price for the Mouth & Nose Shield is £9.99 with a variety of discounts for bulk orders.

Bullock said that the growth in protective equipment sales had helped offset the downturn in corporate office business due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

He said that printing industry sales had picked up during June and July with a number of substantial orders coming in for post-press equipment.