Overmatter Khorsandi’s canvas

Stand-up comic and author Shaparak Khorsandi could have started something of a photo canvas craze after accidentally having a large canvas printed with an image of her mobile phone’s entire screen, rather than just the intended picture of her daughter.

Khorsandi’s tweet about the blooper received more than 25,000 likes, and lots of helpful advice, such as this from Henning Strack: “Put it next to all the ones of your ear from when you accidentally took a photo when trying to accept a phone call.”

Other followers shared their own canvas print fails, including a large countryside view where the photo setting had resulted in an apparently two-legged dog.

Khorsandi doubled-down by hanging the canvas alongside another phone screen grab of a second pic, with a triumphant “And they’re up. Some call it a lack of attention, I call it ART”.

Happily, the unnamed canvas printer didn’t receive any flack for, well, printing exactly what she had asked for.

As Khorsandi herself pointed out, she was thankful that “the photo place” had shared her vision in creating something wonderfully unique.

Fun fact: Shaparak’s brother Peyvand used to be a sub-editor on Printweek many moons ago.