We may be knee-deep in the hoopla but, together, we’ll get through it

Printweek editor, Darryl Danielli
Printweek editor, Darryl Danielli

With everything that’s been going on in the industry in the past few months, especially while many firms are still licking their wounds from the pandemic, I can’t help but wonder: who would want to be a print boss right now?

Spiralling raw material prices, assuming you can even get hold of certain products, rising staff costs as the NIC increases bite and workers pleas for salary increases get louder as the cost-of-living surges hit home, and energy price rises showing no sign of slowing down – let’s not beat around the bush, it’s pretty sh*t out there.

But if you had witnessed the recent Printweek Awards and felt the positivity in the room and saw the connections being reestablished left, right and centre then, I suspect, like me, you would be left feeling that hope is far from lost.

After all we got through the pandemic didn’t we?

Of course, some fared better than others, but this time around no business is immune to the impact of the numerous challenges. Suppliers, printers and customers across the entire market, regardless of vertical, are feeling some form of pain.

Simply put, it’s tough for everyone – no one would deny that – and yes, it’s probably going to get worse before it gets better, but if business leaders have learned anything from the past few years it’s that they’re not going through this alone, especially now.

And as a result, that spirit of collaboration, between peers, suppliers and printers and printers and clients, that was forged in the pandemic and evidenced at the awards is only going to get stronger.

And I’ve absolutely no doubt that’s what will get the industry through the challenges that lie ahead. Because, yes it’s sh*t out there, but at least we’re all wading through it in the same direction this time around.