If you’re buying a new business for Christmas, beware of overindulging

If you’re wondering what the discerning print boss wants for Christmas this year, then reading this issue’s News Digest implies what they really, really want is another print business.

Time to get excited?

Now is the perfect time to ponder a production-boosting investment

It seems the Drupa excitement is starting to build, certainly among the manufacturer community at least.

Printweek editor Darryl Danielli

Putting people first could remedy print’s age-old issue with old age

For more years than I care to remember we’ve talked about the print industry’s ageing workforce as a ‘ticking time bomb’ that will be our undoing.

Printweek editor Darryl Danielli

It’s time to get a fresh perspective now we’ve got rid of the zombies

If you were to skim through this issue’s news digest, you could be forgiven for thinking the industry is on its last legs – with so many references to insolvencies, cut-backs, overreaches, and a whole...

Printweek editor Darryl Danielli

You can’t please everyone, so focus on what your people want

I suspect becoming embroiled in what many people would dub a ‘woke war’ is not exactly at the top of most print business leaders’ list of things that keep them awake at night. Not with everything else...

Printweek editor Darryl Danielli

U-turn if you need to – there’s no sense sticking with a flawed plan

I’m a little cautious about making references to politics, because, well, as recent calamitous events have proven a lot can happen in a very short space of time.

Printweek editor Darryl Danielli

When times are this tough, it’s important to look after each other

It’s official, the world is, seemingly unstoppably, going to hell in a handcart.

It’s time to focus on the opportunities that lie ahead

Not for the first time, our sideways look at Printweeks past, From the Archive, has got me thinking about the rapid pace of change in our industry.

Printweek editor, Darryl Danielli

We may be knee-deep in the hoopla but, together, we’ll get through it

With everything that’s been going on in the industry in the past few months, especially while many firms are still licking their wounds from the pandemic, I can’t help but wonder: who would want to be...

Printweek editor Darryl Danielli

In such tough times, we should forge closer customer relations

With, rightly or wrongly, Covid restrictions all but ended, you would have thought that we could finally breathe a collective sigh of relief that things, of a sort, can start getting back to normal.

Printweek editor Darryl Danielli

Wishing all our readers a merry Christmas and a prosperous 2022

I’m pretty sure I say this every year – and having checked the archive it turns out I more or less have – so, forgive me, but: How. Can. It. Be. Christmas?

Printweek editor, Darryl Danielli

The business case for sustainable production adds up on all levels

With the United Nations Climate Change Conference COP26 being hosted in Glasgow in a few weeks, sustainability will likely, and rightly, rise up the nation’s and the agendas of all sectors of...

Draw a line under the Polestar years and continue to rebuild

As the curtain draws on the Polestar saga, with the last remnant of what was once the UK’s largest print group being dissolved, I can’t help but wonder if we will ever see its like again?

Printweek editor Darryl Danielli

The past year has shot by, but it’s time to think about the ‘R’ word

Time flies when you’re having fun, the same, it appears, is true of working and living through a global pandemic.