New decade is the perfect time to bring some optimism back to print

Printweek editor Darryl Danielli
Printweek editor Darryl Danielli

So, a new decade, a new hope. That’s the plan anyway  (and the title of this month’s issue, funnily enough), and  after the past few years, I think  a little bit of optimism is long overdue for our sector.

Because while the twenty-tens certainly had their fair share of highlights, the final few years of the decade were, for a lot of businesses, well, I think challenging is probably the most suitable descriptor.

And while some of the same  pressures will roll into the early twenty-twenties, in theory at least, some of the uncertainty of recent years is perhaps a little less ambiguous following the outcome of last month’s election – although I think it’s fair to say it’s still a long way from being fully resolved.

But, onwards and upwards – there are some things we can control and some things we can’t, and, nine-times out of 10 its wiser to focus on the former, and getting bogged down worrying about the latter helps no-one.

So, let’s all agree to make one resolution for the new decade and do our damnedest to stick to it: let’s all be positive about the power of print, the value it delivers, the impact it brings and the passion it ignites.

Because while the twenty-twenties might not be quite as edgy sounding as the noughties, it certainly has a more exciting ring to it than the twenty-tens – and I hope that as the new decade  dawns you feel well placed to get  excited about and embrace the opportunities the next ten years will no doubt afford.

And if you struggling to get excited, then fake it. Because there’s only one thing more infectious than a positive attitude: and that’s a negative one.