Study involved 1,475 pieces of mail

SMP welcomes new attention data on value of mail

Swanston: “We’re excited to educate and inspire the next generation of printers"
Swanston: "Mail has a strong place in the marketing mix"

The Strategic Mailing Partnership (SMP) has welcomed new data on the relationship between attention and mail to reflect the power of mail’s engagement as a marketing channel.

The new report, from WARC and Royal Mail Marketreach, titled ‘The Attention Advantage: Exploring the impact of mail in an attention-scarce world’, has revealed how much attention people are paying to their mail across different mail types, the value of this attention, and the role of mail in comparison to other media and within the media mix.

The study found that nearly two-thirds (63%) of recipients say mail attracts their undivided attention; over 80% of mail delivered in an envelope is opened; and mail persuaded 16% of recipients to consider the brand, leading 5% to a transaction.

SMP chair Lucy Swanston said: “This research is incredibly valuable and backs what we’ve been campaigning for, that mail has a strong place in the marketing mix.

“This data clearly shows the positive impact that mail can have on capturing recipients’ attention and leading them to engage with a brand. In a world with so much noise and so many channels available, being able to offer brands an effective, impactful method to connect with their customers is invaluable.”

Patrick Malone, senior media planner at Marketreach, added: “As we stand on the cusp of a new era in advertising, one marked by evolving technologies, shifting consumer behaviours and heightened privacy concerns, this research paper offers strategic guidance and actionable recommendations to navigate the intricate terrain of advertising in the context of attention and mail.”

Paul Stringer, managing editor, research and advisory at WARC, added: “In a world where the battle for attention is becoming ever harder to win, we’ve found that not only is mail highly effective at generating attention, it’s also one of the most cost-efficient channels at delivering against this objective. This is a good time for marketers to reconsider the role of mail in the media mix.”

The study was based on research by Marketreach and Blue Yonder, involving 1,475 pieces of mail. The findings, as well as JICMail data, were then analysed by WARC.