Newspaper bleed & scratchcards (again)

Joanne Gardner tracks down the solutions to your print problems

I have been asked by one of my clients whether it is possible for newspaper printers to print so that the work area bleeds. Do web width restrictions and folding make it impossible?
David Smedley
Via email

It can be done in theory, but it does depend on a number of factors. For broadsheets it is not possible, but for tabloids it is. Another limiting factor on the press is often the plate lock-up gap, which will result in a non-print area. However, according to KBA UK’s sales manager of newspaper presses Roger Nicholls, there are plenty of printers that can offer this as web presses are also used for lower-end commercial work such as supermarket brochures, in which case they need the ability to bleed. Even if it is in tabloid format, however, he’s not 100% sure the job could be done in the UK, so it depends whether you’re willing to offshore with a run of 10,000-20,000. MAN Roland GB managing director Norman Revill thinks any newspaper printer could do it, but says it’s more dependent on the platemaking process than the print. He says there should be no problem bleeding on the head and tail of a tabloid, but the print then has to go up to the gutter of the plate edges, and there would still be a small gap. It depends on how printers lay out their newspapers. Again, Norman’s happy for you to contact him directly to talk about your particular job.

I’m looking for scratchcard printers. Can you help?
Michael Waller
Via Email

Oh boy. Memories are flooding back of the scratchcard debate that began 15 June (almost a year to the day) and went on for many, many weeks. Here are some we uncovered: Orion Security Print (0115 9307517); AE Simmons (01245 352 480); Impro Printing (028 9077 7795); Play­print (01388 720226); Best Cover (01132 771607); Design & Print (020 8983 3838); Plastic Data Card (01634 811455); Wellan Studios (01924 473481); Howitt (01623 448000); and Baker Adhesive Label Co (020 8523 2174).

Remote proofing #2
Andrew Garnham of Gap Systems (www.gapsys has been in touch following the remote proofing query. Its product, Approveit, is internet-deployed approvals management software that uses Kodak technology for the virtual proof streaming. Input files type include PDF, EPS and PS DCS.