Remote proofing & used Indigos

Joanne Gardner tracks down the solutions to your print problems

I read your Buyers’ Guide on the Indigo 3050 and it was said only HP or The Digital People should sell secondhand models. I need to sell mine but am based in Canada. Can you tell me who I should get in touch with here?
Lawrence Gold
Via email

The Digital People managing director Jerry Widdowson (0845 1301445) says that his firm is the only approved dealer of secondhand Indigo 3050s, and after a nightmare trying to get hold of someone at either of HP’s Canadian offices, I’m resigned to take his word for it. He is happy to talk to you about how you might sell your kit.

I need advice on which remote proofing system we need to manage all the PDF approvals from our central site, which deals with print jobs across various locations in Europe. We probably only need something fairly basic.
Name and address supplied

There are plenty to choose from, and which one you go for will depend on such considerations as how the sites are connected (bandwidth?), the size of files being transferred, whether printers are configured onto the internet so files can be dropped into RIPs and ‘hot folders’ can be set up, and whether you need colour management. Popular basic systems include an Epson proofer with a GMG colour managed front-end and a Xerox DocuColor. Kodak offers a wide range of proofers, and other names to consider include Agfa, Fujifilm, Perfect-Proof and Positive Focus. Turning Point (0870 7744501) deals in a range of proofing products and its sales and marketing director Steve Emerson said he’d be happy to talk you through the options.

Vinyl kiss cuts #2
Sectorfree (, 020 8592 9463) has a Zund flatbed cutter, which takes vinyl sheets and can accurately cut most shapes.

Business cards #2
I had a flurry of emails from trade printers following my suggestions on cheap business cards and leaflets. Indigo Press (023 8023 1196) can print 500 business cards for £50 and 5,000 A5 flyers on 300gsm for £180. A Local Printer ( can print 250 cards for £35 and 1,000 A5 leaflets for £66. Promaxx offers an on-demand system where you design your own and can print as few as 10 (£14.99 for 250). Alright, alright... I get the picture!