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A client wants us to use a photograph of a pile of money as part of a promotional campaign. I have been told by a colleague that there may be legal implications here. Could you advise?
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Apparently the Bank of England gets this question all the time. And yes, it owns the copyright of its banknotes so, more often than not, you would need to apply for consent (under section 18(1) of the Forgery and Counterfeiting Act 1981), even if the reproduction is not to scale. But basically it depends on how much of the design of the banknote is being shown in the photograph – less than 10% is generally OK. Perhaps you could suggest to your client that the pile of money is photographed from the side, say, then you could send the photos to the Bank of England (bank, 020 7601 4028) and ask whether you would need consent. If you do need to apply, it isn’t too difficult a process as you can complete and submit the Banknote Reproductions Application Form online. Visit:

I’m looking for tear-proof envelopes made from chlorine-free recycled PFC paper – the kind they put photos in at film developing shops. I used to get them from a supplier called Kaiser.
Richard Prior
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I’m assuming you’re talking about Kaiser + Kraft, a major supplier of office equipment and division of TAKKT Group. If so, it no longer stocks such products I’m afraid. In fact, I struggled with this one. Dobson & Crowther, the UK’s largest manufacturer of litho printed envelopes, said what you’re looking for is “very, very specialised” and involves a lot of makeready. The cost would not be viable unless you ordered at least 2m. If you’re looking to order a big batch though, Dobson & Crowther’s Linda Evans (, 01978 862108) is keen to talk to you. The disappearing film photo market just means there’s less call for photo wallets.
Gestetner Royal #2
It’s a small print world. A previous Help Line suggested that Roland York contact Dutchman Erwin Blok to help him find an old Gestetner Royal press, but it turns out that the two former sheetfed printers are already great friends after battling for Gestetner ephemera on eBay.
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