Industry paper and packaging bodies call for Europe-wide action on energy

"The lasting impact of the ongoing energy crisis is deeply concerning"
"The lasting impact of the ongoing energy crisis is deeply concerning"

Nine European associations representing the wood fibre value chain have issued an urgent call for the EC and European Parliament, and national governments, to act over the impact of skyrocketing energy prices on the sector.

The joint statement was signed by the heads of CEPI, Intergraf, FEFCO, Pro Carton, European Paper Packaging Alliance, European Tissue Symposium, paper and board converters association CITPA, the European Carton Makers Association, and the Alliance for Beverage Cartons and the Environment. 

The bodies went so far as to say that the lasting impact of the energy crisis “endangers our sectors’ existence in Europe”.

The statement said that extended forest-based value chains accounted for some 4m jobs in the green economy and for one in every five manufacturing companies in Europe. 

“Due to skyrocketing energy costs, our operations are severely threatened. Today pulp and paper mills must take difficult decisions in order to temporarily stop or reduce production across Europe,” the bodies stated. 

“Likewise, the downstream user sectors in the packaging, printing and hygiene value chains are facing similar decisions, in addition to struggling due to a limited supply of materials. 

“The lasting impact of the ongoing energy crisis is deeply concerning. It endangers our sectors’ existence in Europe. A lack of action may result in a permanent loss of jobs along the entire value chain, especially in rural areas.”

The letter also highlighted the potential for high energy costs to threaten the continuity of operations, and could “ultimately result in an irreversible fall of global competitiveness”.

“Immediate policy actions are needed in order to secure the green economy’s future in Europe beyond winter 2022/2023.”

An increasing number of mills and producers are taking downtime due to energy costs rendering their operations uneconomic, and the energy price crisis also contributed to the recent administration at Arjowiggins, as well as the closure of Portals’ Overton mill.

Lecta has just announced that it will be taking downtime at some of its mills.