Brochure Printer of the Year: Hampton Printing (Bristol)

The production values involved in many brochures are among the highest in print, with dedication of everyone, from repro operator to press minder or binding specialist a vital part of the process. The Hampton team knows this well, and brought its substantial expertise to bear when producing brochures of consumate quality for clients Bentley and Honda.

The Pure Bentley Lifestyle Brochure was produced in four languages totalling 15,000 copies with flourishes such as a cover printed litho black with soft-touch laminate and gloss spot UV varnish. According to one of the judging panel: “These high-end clients would have expected high-end results, but their expectations would have been seriously surpassed, I’m sure.” 01275 374466

Highly commended

Team Impression 0113 272 4800 

The Leeds printer almost sneaked a win this year, according to the judges who were torn: “It’s such a shame there can’t be two winners.” Richard Moran Photography, Savills Sports & Entertainment, Made In Italy, and Collect brochures “demonstrated the printer’s ability to produce consistently high-quality print across a variety of substrates.” The latter brochure, for the Collect exhibition, was printed on a very lightweight paper for an edgy, magazine-like feel, suitable for the hip Saatchi Gallery.


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