Machine was launched at Fespa

Allen Signs in Fujifilm Acuity Prime Hybrid world-first

Allen: "We’ve been extremely happy with the ink performance"
Allen: "We’ve been extremely happy with the ink performance"

Signage and vehicle livery specialist Allen Signs has become the first company in the world to invest in Fujifilm’s new Acuity Prime Hybrid printer.

The machine, which was launched at Fespa Global Print Expo in May, was installed at the Lincoln-based signage and vehicle livery specialist just over two months ago.

The Acuity Prime Hybrid has a top speed of 150sqm/hr and handles rigid substrates up to 2.5x1.25m in size and roll media up to 2m wide.

Family-run Allen Signs was established in 1965 by the parents of David Allen, the company’s current managing director.

Allen said his interest in the Acuity Prime Hybrid stemmed from its versatility – the device can handle both rigid and flexible media – and its economical ink consumption.

Allen said: “Due to our familiarity with hybrid platforms, we sought the Acuity Prime Hybrid as an opportunity to explore the Fujifilm brand further. The printer has now allowed us to carry out our normal production with minimal issues and excellent quality and ink performance.”

The machine’s versatility, meanwhile, has enabled the business to print on a wider variety of substrates more efficiently and cost effectively. It is being used to print on wallcoverings, direct to board, and on metallic surfaces as well as for poster printing.

Allen added: “We’ve been extremely happy with the ink performance that we’ve been getting from the new printer. It bonds very well to all manner of surfaces that we’ve used it on. Even substrates we’ve had issues with in the past, we don’t seem to have had any of those issues this time.

“It’s taken on everything that we used to do but we can do it a lot more efficiently, a lot quicker, and the print quality is a lot better.”

Matt Ryder, print specialist at Allen Signs, also commented: “We tried a job on the new Fujifilm machine, and instantly, it tracked. It was perfect. As for materials, we are yet to come across a substrate that doesn’t work.”

Allen described Fujifilm as “an absolute breeze to deal with”.

“The installation and the training were extremely quick and efficient. I’m looking forward to seeing how the Acuity Prime Hybrid printer will allow us to expand our business in the future,” he said.

Andy Kent, division manager, Fujifilm Graphic Communications UK, added: “As a result of Allen Signs investing in our Acuity Prime Hybrid, they have seen significant increases in print quality and a reduction in costs, whilst expanding their substrate selection. It’s fantastic to see them exploring new business opportunities.”