Fujifilm unveils Acuity Prime Hybrid

Fujifilm's booth ready for the doors to open at Fespa Global Print Expo 2023
Fujifilm's booth ready for the doors to open at Fespa Global Print Expo 2023

Fujifilm has chosen Fespa as the launchpad for its new Acuity Prime Hybrid printer.

The manufacturer unveiled its fresh ‘Blueprint’ for wide-format at last year’s show, and 12 months on is showcasing a number of enhancements to the range, as well as the brand new Hybrid model.

Kevin Jenner, European marketing manager at Fujifilm Ink Solutions Group, said the mid-range Prime was now well established, with more than 150 sold.

“The Hybrid model is a logical step. This is a proper built hybrid, designed to be that from the start, and it’s an interesting new dimension to what we offer,” he explained.

The Acuity Prime Hybrid has a top speed of 150sqm/hr and handles rigid substrates up to 2.5x1.25m in size, and roll media up to 2m wide.

Fujifilm also aims to challenge perceptions about four-colour printing with its larger Acuity Prime L model.

“The quality we are able to achieve on that machine in draft and express mode with just four colours is stunning,” Jenner stated.

“It’s speed with no loss of colour or quality – and you have a huge decrease in the amount of ink you use, which brings the cost down.”

Its booth (A1-B10) is split into six areas showcasing different products and applications. The Ultra 5m and 3m printers gain a substantial speed increase.

“We want to talk about speed increases and printing at high speed on difficult substrates,” Jenner noted.

The Acuity Hybrid Ultra LED printer, which was previously shown as a technical preview, is now fully launched.

Surbiton’s Echo House became the global beta tester for the 3.3m wide printer earlier this year.

“We’re going to show ten different types of roll and rigid material with lots of changeovers – we can switch from rigid to roll in minutes, it’s all about flexibility,” he said.

All the printers on its booth will also be fitted with energy monitors.

“We’re keen to talk about that, all the evidence so far is that our machines are quite frugal,” Jenner explained.

“After Fespa we will collate that information and get the relevant ISO standards and also benchmark against the competition.”

Fujifilm will also update on its alliance with Barberán for single-pass high-volume display printing during the show.