Star Product: Fiery Digital Factory v11.1

A wide-format-specific RIP for high-fidelity colour printing with high-end job management tools.

What does it do?

This is RIP software specialised for wide format print & cut, transfer, film and direct-to-garment printing, available in a choice of configurations tailored for either particular printing ink processes or particular printer brands. It includes job preparation, “high fidelity” colour controls and management tools to handle production from start to finish.

Although the software has been available for about 16 years in earlier versions, v.11 is the first major update since EFI acquired its Canadian developer CADlink in 2022. When Fiery was spun off last year CADlink was renamed Fiery Specialty Products.

Fiery’s own range of RIPs include Fiery XF for wide-format, but it stresses that the original CADlink team is handling development. According to Vincent Hughes, product marketing manager for Fiery Specialty Products, “Currently, no technology has been shared between other Fiery products. Our team has benefited from the addition of Fiery team members that provided feedback and insights to our continuous development process.”

Launch date and target market?

Digital Factory was first released by CADlink in 2008 and updated regularly. Version 11.1, under Fiery management, was released in October last year. Target markets are direct-to-film/garment, dye-sublimation, toner transfers, UV print and print and cut vinyl.

There are three main packages: Print and Cut Production (full workflows with multiple printers); Print and Cut (for a single device); and Print (for a single print-only device). They are also available in dedicated versions for particular processes or printer brands (see full list at www.cadlink.com/product/digitalfactory).

Hughes says: “For customers without a manufacturer-specific package, Digital Factory Print, Print and Cut, or Print and Cut Production would support their device.

“One of the key features of Digital Factory is to offer specific tools that many ‘out-of-the-box’ solutions omit. Customers can select the right package based on their needs and price point. For example, some of the settings for DTF may not apply to UV. When you learn Digital Factory once, you can apply those to new markets quickly and easily.”

How does it work?

This is Windows 10/11 software. It’s a queue-based system with a RIP, and drivers available for many output devices. There are “professional grade” tools for ICC profiling, colour calibration and control. The tailored Digital Factory packages offer specific features, such as advanced white ink settings for DTF or 3D viewers for layered UV printing.

Version 11.1 introduces a new interface with clearer navigation and “user-friendly” controls, said to be easier to learn and to streamline job setup with fewer errors – you can still use the old UI if you prefer. The Tool Bar is reorganised to present common functions first, while the Job List title bar shows status better. Queue groups can be created by one click with drag and drop population, and can be quickly reordered, with different queues for different media.

There is true shape nesting of multiple complex shapes (such as lettering), which reduces material use. New icons, settings menu, and image scaling make it easier for operators to see production feedback.

For DTF applications, there’s a new single- pass highlight white underbase control. “This boosts areas of white ink in a single pass, eliminating the disadvantage vs. DTG,” says Hughes.

What’s the USP?

“Custom colour profiling, the widest range of supported output devices, industry leading DTF tools, powerful automation, and versatility with a variety of markets,” says Hughes.

How easy is it to learn and use?

“Very simple” says Hughes. “There are dozens of tutorial videos on our YouTube channel, user groups on Facebook, as well as services like Fiery Communities and a soon to be launched Fiery eLearning program.”

What does it cost and how is it supplied

The three full-function packages start at £995 (Print); £1,395 (Print & Cut) and £1,995 (Print & Cut Production). Specialised packages start at £425 for the DTF Desktop edition (up to A2 printers), up to £3,395 for the top UV edition. Most brand-name editions are £895.

Digital Factory is sold directly, or it is available via dealers. Some printer suppliers offer their own tailored packages. Fiery says it is planning to offer subscriptions alongside perpetual licenses in future.


Platform Windows 10 or 11

Main functions File management and job queues, colour profiling and management, nesting, RIP output to devices

Pricing £995 (Print); £1,395 (Print & Cut) and £1,995 (Print & Cut Production); see website for full list

Supported devices See www.cadlink.com/supportedoutputs

Contact Fiery Specialty Products 01462 420222 www.cadlink.com



Flexi is a general purpose large format design tool and Rip for larger format applications. It includes colour management, supports white ink and has tools such as contour cut definition, tiling and nesting. Applications include decals, vehicle wraps, DTF, DTG, signage and more. Like Digital Factory there are several packages. Flexi Complete offers all design, print and cut functions. Flexi Design is for vector graphics and colour management; Flexi Print DTF/DTG, with support for white layers and transparent cutouts in TIFF/PNG files and similar. There are dedicated HP Latex editions in Basic and Print & Cut versions. Access to an extensive templates library starts at £13.99 for 25 downloads per month

Platform Windows

Output Up to five printers and cutters simultaneously

Price Flexi Complete: annual subscription £27.99/month or £37.99 month-to-month

Contact SAi +32 02669 0876 www.thinksai.com

Onyx Graphics

Long established wide format Rip-workflow, recently updated to v.22.5. Many wide format printers include it as standard. Configurations include Onyx RipCenter, the core Adobe Rip with automation, previews, nesting and on-the-fly job edits; Postershop, for one printer, with an Adobe Rip plus job editing for image positioning, colour profiling and management, tiling, nesting, grommets. Go Lite is a monthly subscription Rip (£38.85) for one printer, while Go Plus adds layout and colour management tools (£78.85) for two printers. Thrive is a site license.

Platform Windows

Price £38.85/month (Go Lite), £78.85/month (Go Plus)

Contact Onyx Graphics +1 801 568 9900 www.onyxgfx.com


The current CalderaRip 17 uses Adobe APPE and supports wide format print and cut, and is supplied with some wide format printers as standard. Options include costing, colour management, cutting modules (including tables), trimming, hardware acceleration, connectivity to third party CRM and MIS/ERP. PrimeCenter is pre-press software for job preparation, preflighting, nesting and grouping, with three versions offering different automation levels. VisualRip is a subscription version, offering a basic Rip and job preparation system with one or two printers drivers.

Platforms Linux, MacOS

Price £424/year (VisualRIP Essentials), £852/year (VisualRIP Pro)

Contact Caldera +33 3 8821 0000 www.caldera.com