Rising star: Mark Mwebe, press operator, Micropress

Mwebe: XL 106 ambitions
Mwebe: XL 106 ambitions

Mark started working in the printing industry three years ago. The 24-year-old’s drive and positive attitude helped him to carry off the prestigious Trainee of the Year Award at this year’s Printweek Awards.

What did you study, and did you have a particular career in mind?

I had always been interested in engineering and machines so the print industry was a good fit for me. Initially I achieved an NVQ in Post Press Operations. Micropress gave me the opportunity to become a press minder when I started with them. I have now achieved my Technical Certificate Advanced in Machine Printing at Level 3 and NVQ in Machine Printing, Litho at Level 3

How did you find your way into the industry? 

I saw an apprenticeship advertised with Learn2Print – great people

Did you know anything about print beforehand? 

Not before I started working in the industry. I started in the bindery and wanted to progress into printing after two years in the bindery department

What does your role entail? 

Running a Heidelberg Speedmaster XL 75 but I am looking to progress on to our B1 XL 106 Push to Stop perfectors!

What’s the most enjoyable or interesting thing about it? 

Printing jobs that I find interesting 

Do you have an ideal career path mapped out?

Yes, I still want to progress on in print!

What would be your dream job (print related)? 

I enjoy running machines and would like to run bigger machines and be skilled on all the machines we have at Micropress

What would be your dream job (not print related)? 

Working in an F1 team or some sort of motorsport where I get to travel to races or work on interesting cars

Do you have a ‘side hustle’? 

No, but having one would be nice! 

Which box set would you recommend? 

Game of Thrones 

What has surprised you most about working in the printing industry? 

How fast these presses can run

What could the printing industry be doing more of to entice millennials into print?

Advertise, walk around days with schools and colleges and keep pushing why they should come into print and I’m sure you will get more younger people interested. I asked my younger siblings if they knew what printing was and they just thought of the printers you find in your house