Pet portraitist

Rising star: Geneve Gurr, fabrication finishing, Moss

Printweek Award winner

Geneve carried off the Trainee of the Year Award at this year’s Printweek Awards. She’s 32 and has been working in the industry since 2021.

Geneve works at St Neots-based wide-format and display specialist Moss, the former MacroArt business that recently rebranded in line with its US parent company.

What did you study, and did you have a particular career in mind?

At GCSE I studied applied art, fine art, leisure and tourism and philosophy, I then went onto sixth form where I studied fine art, music and travel and tourism. I did some office and accounts work for a while but realised a more creative role was a better fit

How did you find your way into the industry?

Through my hobby of creating pet portraits and using printers to reproduce prints of my original artwork for my clients. I also inherited my uncle’s Pantone book which I took as a sign to look to the print and graphics industry as a career prospect

Did you know anything about print beforehand?

I knew a little about giclée printing through my hobby and had an understanding of the digital Canon machines used to produce my work, but was unaware of the vastness of the industry and processes such as litho, flexo, gravure and digital. I had tried screen printing during my studies

What does your role entail?

Finishing tension fabric prints to a high standard, always looking for the best quality and assisting my colleagues in print

What’s the most enjoyable or interesting thing about it?

Some of our clientele are involved with events and exhibitions and I enjoy being part of the team transforming their ideas into reality – when we are sent photos from events of our work it’s incredibly rewarding to see

Do you have an ideal career path mapped out?

Yes, I would like to learn as much about printing as possible, keep up-to-date with new technology and would one day like to teach others about the industry

What would be your dream job (print related)?

I have a lot of interest in pre-press processes and would like to be an artworker

What would be your dream job (not print related)?

Full-time artist

Do you have a ‘side hustle’?

Creating pet portraits is my hobby that has a lot of interest, my work is up in my clients’ houses and they are seen by friends and family who then approach me

What’s your most-used app?

TikTok – very addictive!

What could we do more of to entice young people into print?

Print can be cool to young people so I think open days are a great way of getting younger people to have a look and see for themselves what it’s all about, promoting print careers at schools, colleges and using social media platforms will also draw more attention from curious younger generations – especially content on how things are made or how a machine or process works