A problem parked

Overmatter: Van-tastic cost savings on hotel horrors

Clasper-Cotte's VW California Ocean "parked beside the new loos"

Overmatter recently looked into a simple overnight stay at a Premier Inn, but found the price tag blench-makingly higher than anticipated. 

In that context, a recent post from Faberexposize UK and Northern Flags managing director Iain Clasper-Cotte certainly resonated. 

The business has just expanded by taking on an additional 465sqm of space at its Leeds base.

That space came in handy for Clasper-Cotte, who – faced with being rinsed with a £300 bill for a hotel room in the city – instead provided his own accommodation by parking up his nifty VW California Ocean campervan in the firm’s new warehouse. 

Posting on LinkedIn, he described hotel price inflation in Leeds as “crazy” and said an equivalent room would have been £85 pre-Covid.

“Okay, did not expect the first use of the new warehouse would be to park up the campervan – but the inner Scot running a Yorkshire business is not prepared to spend £300/night for a stay in Leeds so parked beside the new loos and it makes it almost an ensuite for tonight’s overnight stay!!”

He added that even the out-of-town Premier Inn would have been £180, excluding breakfast. Overmatter feels your pain.

We salute Clasper-Cotte’s innovative approach to cost-saving initiatives. 

What’s more, the early sewing shift promised him a 7am cuppa. What a perfect start to an economical day.