Pre-press firms buy HighWater

A new company, HighWater Products, has been launched to continue the manufacture of the Python and Cobra violet platesetter ranges of the recently liquidated HighWater Designs.

The company, which has no com- mon shareholder or director with the previous HighWater Designs business, has bought all of the man- ufacturing equipment, spare parts, tools and software that belonged to its predecessor.

It is a joint venture between Synectix, which owns the intellec- tual property of HighWater compu- ter-to-plate products, Marlowe Graphic Services, which counts around 40 HighWater users among its customer base, and former HighWater Designs employees Richard Warren and Tony Lambert.

Darren Eliot, managing director of Marlowe Graphic Services, said: "Going into manufacturing was not part of our strategy, but was the only way we could safeguard the needs of our customers. I also believe we can add value to this new company by tapping into the Marlowe service support infrastructure."

In addition to making new Cobra and Python platesetters and spare parts, HighWater Products intends to invest in developing a new gener- ation of HighWater CTP products.

Marlowe Graphic Services can be found in Hall 9 on stand 9/D341 and a Cobra 8 platesetter can be found on the Cron stand in Hall 11 (11/D230).