Rising star: Jack Pearson, sustainability manager, Bluetree Group

Jack is 30 and has been working at Bluetree Group since 2021.

Q&A: Monica Moody, sales manager, Minuteman Press Coventry

Monica says that she thinks being Italian helps with sales: “If you can understand my accent, but I have improved it since marrying an Englishman and living in this country since 1995.

60 seconds with Badgemaster

Badgemaster was established in 1992 and now lays claim to being “the unrivalled leader in the UK’s staff name badge sector”.

Overmatter: the printing shoe

Overmatter loves a cool shoe. Heelys, for example, a work of genius. Light-up LED wellies – also a quite brilliant innovation. 

Business inspection: Combining two teams for premium performance 

Perhaps it’s Carl Garnett’s successful side-line in motor racing that fuels his inability to sit still for long. 

Navigating the social media landscape

The perfect tool to push the boundaries of freedom of speech or the devil’s own work.

Critical thinking

In On the Origin of Species Charles Darwin points out that it’s not the strongest or most intelligent of the species that survives, but the one that’s most adaptable to change.

Euro stars: Continental drift

Brexit may have disappeared from the news headlines in recent months but that doesn’t negate the fact that it’s meant firms have had to adapt to continue to trade in what is a huge market on our...

Killer app: Disc jockey printers stay vinyl-free for vegan eatery

Print Station has an unusual origin story. Starting off as a team of DJs rocking the kasbah at weddings and bar mitzvahs, the company of disc-spinners realised it could offer print as an additional...

Pinpointing print’s opportunities

The 13th annual Power of Print event boasts a busy schedule with something for everyone. This year’s event will seek to explore the opportunities – and challenges – for print and paper sectors in a...