Drupa: keep your eyes on the prize

Jo Francis ponders a vital p-word as the doors to Drupa 2024 swing open.

So here we are at Drupa 2024.

It’s always a real buzz to see the industry putting on a spectacle like this.

A reminder, should one be needed, of the many clever people working on the enormous array of technologies that are shaping the 21st century printing industry.

It’s absolutely fantastic to soak all of that in.

And while Drupa is of course all about printing in its many and various forms, I’m thinking that a different p-word will be at the front of mind for many visitors.

That p-word is PROFIT.

Yes, we have industry exemplars who are absolutely bossing it when it comes to profitability and cash in the bank, but for too many others margins are perilously thin.

So I would imagine, and hope, that a key question for visitors looking into their next investments will be “how will this make my business more profitable”.

Along with their feeds ‘n speeds, helpful robots and swishy software, exhibitors large and small will need a ready answer to that ostensibly simple question.

As the show opens to the sound of new song ‘We create the future’, it wouldn’t be Drupa without sharing some top tips, so here goes: Stilettos or a brand new pair of brogues are the perfect footwear.

Don’t worry about planning your time, so what if you’re in Hall 3 with an appointment in Hall 13 in two minutes? No problemo!

Altbier and all German wines have special properties. No matter how many you drink, or how late you stay up, you will feel absolutely FINE the next morning.