Beware the auditor

Jo Francis ventures down a time-sucking YouTube wormhole for the greater good.

Newspaper bosses should look into a different kind of digital future

Jo Francis considers the potential future opportunity in a market that's subject to massive decline.

Growth isn't always the answer

Jo Francis has an alternative take on growth.

Queen Elizabeth II, RIP

The death of Her Majesty the Queen has highlighted the importance of the tangible in an increasingly ephemeral world.

Blog: Tangled web powerplay

Jo Francis wonders what will happen next in the latest saga involving UK web offset printers.

Inflation conflation

Jo Francis ponders print's inflationary issues.

Venerable printer attracts outside interest

Jo Francis is intrigued by the fresh investors buying into print.

A sombre anniversary

Jo Francis on a day for sombre reflection, as well as hoping for better days ahead.

Pigs can fly

Jo Francis ponders the small print around Moonpig's flotation plans.

At least one key learning from 2020

Jo Francis ponders the key learnings from 2020’s seismic and terrible events.

Virtual events pose many questions

Jo Francis has been watching virtual events with a combination of interest and boredom.

JRS: relief, resentment, reinstatement, resignations, revamps, and… redundancy

Jo Francis thinks the government’s furlough scheme is fantastic, but it will also have far-reaching consequences.

New normal will involve personal risk assessment

Jo Francis wonders about the future, while thinking about the crowded events that were part of a past life.

Ditch the dysfunctional

Jo Francis urges print bosses to cast a critical eye on their customer lists.

Printweek: your trusted source of industry information

Printweek and the coronavirus challenges

LETTER FROM THE EDITOR: In light of the dramatic changes currently impacting the sector because of government advice and support for business, we’re making some short-term changes to Printweek.