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Solving Print's Pain Points

An exclusive Printweek supplement highlighting businesses that have risen to the industry's challenges.

Best of British... The Cambridge patent factory that never stops

Xaar plans to extend range of products to access all digital print markets

Serif Affinity Publisher: competes with InDesign

Design for print: stalled potential?

Today’s design and layout programs are really good. So good in fact, that there’s not a lot that could make them better. And that is a problem for their developers and also for their users.

Shoppable print 

Print, despite its authoritative tactile quality, has always been an inherently static experience, lacking the interactivity of digital media where you can click on a link, to find more information or...

De-energise yourself

This autumn’s energy crises have included rocketing gas prices and a broken cross-channel electricity cable. The inevitably higher electricity prices will be concentrating print factory owners’ minds...

Optimus Dash Menu

Best of British: The weird, the peculiar, and the traditional MIS

Optimus: MIS innovator is still going strong and finding fans in new markets.

Access all areas

Lockdowns have accelerated the drive for more remotely accessed services such as diagnostics and even repair, a trend that looks set to grow post-pandemic.

From slow burner to blast off

Often it takes a while for a new idea to take off in the market. Sometimes it never does take off, other times it’s a slow burner that seems to fizzle for years before suddenly blasting off when the...

Digital’s corrugated coming of age

Converters and printers are getting imaginative with the latest digital tech.

Best of British: Finishing firsts

TS Converting Equipment is a multimillion-pound converting specialist built on a long history of innovation.

Keeping it all running

While an older machine might still be the perfect tool for a particular job, they are more prone to breakdown, and finding parts will only get harder and harder.