Beck launches entry-level B2C packaging line

Darryl Danielli
Thursday, June 30, 2016

Beck Packautomaten has launched an entry level packaging line with full data integrity targeted at e-commerce and secure document applications.

The new Serienpacker SXJ svs is available through Beck’s UK agent Friedheim International.

The Serienpacker SXJ svs is a standalone packing line that can be configured with a camera system to ensure data integrity through a barcode, negating the need for printed delivery notes.

“So the camera system can pick up the barcode, check that against a database or warehouse management system and pull the details back for addressing. So with a good warehouse management system you can track it right through to delivery,” said Martin Howells, Friedheim’s UK & Ireland sales manager for the packaging division.

According to Howells, the Serienpacker costs from £80,000 to £100,000 depending on application and labelling technology, compared to £250,000 to £300,000 for a high-speed Buhrs or Sitma machine.

“Some of the higher end machines might also find it difficult to take something as thick as a book say, whereas with this machine if you can lay it on conveyor and the system can read a barcode or documentation either from above or below then it can pack it.”

A typical configuration is capable of 30 packs per minute, but can in some cases be faster depending on the size of the products and the level of integration with the warehouse management system.

It is designed to handle products up to the German Maxibrief format (350x250x50mm) to ensure the package can fit though most standard letterboxes.

“It can work with many shapes, not just books or photobooks, things like small electrical items. It’s been built specifically for the ‘letterbox’ market,” said Howells.

“The next logical step is to look at protection on the bag like bubble wrap, but it uses 50-70mic polythene so it’s already quite strong.”

The machine starts as a basic wrapping unit, but can be configured with extras such label addressing, multiple roll handling for fast changeovers, perforation for easy opening and reseal tape applicators for returns.

It also features a system to release trapped air before sealing the bags.

The machine was first shown in Germany at the Logimat distribution and materials handling show in February and also at Drupa and it’s now available in the UK through Friedheim.

“It had lots of interest at Drupa because not everyone needs a line capable of 18,000 to 20,000 packs per hour like the Buhrs or Sitma, so it has a good place in the market for e-commerce applications like photobooks.”

“And if you compare being able to pack 1,800 items per hour with full integrity compared to an operator manually packing photobooks into mailbags while trying to ensure the right product has the right label, you’re probably looking at 80 items per hour – so it’s quite attractive.”

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