Tradeprint expands large-format display board offering

Tradeprint has said that its new bespoke-size display board service is a rare offering in the UK that it hopes will encourage its customers to tap into other markets.

The Dundee-based business, which was acquired by global W2P giant Cimpress last year, has also overhauled its online ordering interface and, according to head of marketing, James Barrett-Bunnage is now offering "the best display board pricing" around. 

The business traditionally produces a wide range of products such as flyers, business cards, posters, leaflets and letterheads and earlier this year added fixed-size display board to the mix, including Corex, DiBond and Foamex boards.

"When we brought in the fixed sizes it was a bit of an experiment," said Barrett-Bunnage, "but what we’ve done now is brought in bespoke sizing and pricing with our simplest and quickest interface yet and we are able top offer some of the lowest prices in the UK for large format products." The products will now be priced by the square metre instead of per product, he explained. 

He said the move to introduce the new display board products for large-format had been prompted by customer feedback, a growth in demand and the aim of helping its customers diversify.

"We see huge potential in the large-format market. We want to be a one-stop shop for our customers and so we need to carry a full range of products. We are introducing this to small commercial printers and showing them that there are other markets to tap. We want to grow with those businesses," he explained.

Barrett-Bunnage said that the emphasis it was placing on Tradeprint's low pricing on the new bespoke offering was by no means an attempt to undercut others in the market.

"Because we are part of a group like Cimpress we can leverage that to maximise our volume discounts from the supplier and then pass it on the customer," he said. "Our price point looks to be competitive but not hugely disruptive - we want to fit in with the rest of the market," he explained. 

He added: "We are a trusted name, our standards and quality are well-known and we’ve been growing exponentially. The major market difference between us and others out there is the price point,  but we don’t want to be cheapest because a large element of what we supply is the whole package. We make a lot of effort not to be value-oriented."

"Price wars are a huge issue and it's inevitable people will start them, which means the rest of the market has to respond, but it’s not something that helps the industry. It’s not sustainable."

The bespoke sizing for display boards is the first of a run of new product offerings from Tradeprint that will be rolled out over the next year, according to Barrett-Bunnage,  including PVC, and mesh banners and indoor and outdoor posters. 

The 150-staff business currently operates from two sites in Dundee: one for sales and marketing and one main production unit. Barrett-Bunnage said that with continual investment from Cimpress, it was also preparing to expand its production capabilities, although he would not be drawn on details. 

Before the business was acquired by Cimpress in 2015, it had a headcount of around 80 and posted sales of £9.1m in its financial year to 31 July 2014. Current financials for the division could not be disclosed.

Earlier this month Cimpress posted a Q1 loss of $27.8m (£22.3m) and said it would not be increasing prices on its products imported to the UK, in the immediate future.   


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