Overmatter: Suits you, sir!

Jo Francis
Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Newly-crowned WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury has also become an inadvertent champion for the power of custom printing.

As is well documented Fury is a big bloke with a big personality. His sartorial choices around the big fight against Deontay Wilder in Las Vegas generated almost as many column inches and social media posts as his seventh-round victory, with Fury’s you-could-not-make-this-up back story and subsequent Vegas win being described as one of the greatest comebacks in modern sporting history.

His ‘You Big Dosser’ suit has already reached legendary status, and he arrived in Vegas wearing another bespoke getup featuring the faces of all the fighters he had previously defeated. And let’s face it, he wears it well.

London-based Claudio Lugli is the firm behind Fury’s strong look.

“I met Tyson five years ago before he won his titles, and he’s stuck with us all the way,” says marketing director Nav Salimian. “His personality and our brand meshes well. It’s been very much a rollercoaster ride and very emotional. And it’s not often you get to put ‘You Big Dosser’ on a pinstripe suit!”

The fashion house has a long-standing relationship with a Turkish fabric printer, but who knows what demand this could create for quick-turnaround bespoke fabrics here in the UK. It really could be a knockout opportunity.


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