Overmatter: Johnny B Gutenberg?

Think about Johannes Gutenberg and the image that tends to springs to mind is of a bearded old chap in a hat, wearing some typical 15th century garb, perhaps inspecting a sheet from his revolutionary printing press.

Well, Heidelberg has brought that image bang up to date by depicting the legendary print figure in virtual reality goggles. It’s all part of the firm’s future-looking digital strategy, see? What’s more, the manufacturer has also decided to propel him right into the 21st century and has renamed him ‘Johnny’ Gutenberg. 

Johnny? JOHNNY?? If you’ve ever seen someone less like a Johnny, Overmatter would like to see the evidence. 

What next? Billy Caxton? Ali Manutius??

Having investigated further, Overmatter can report that Heidelberg is the latest in a long line of individuals and brands to give Gutenberg an update in order to make a point about modernisation, most frequently by the addition of sunglasses. 

We suppose virtual reality was the next logical step, and we’re now braced for Heidelberg’s Drupa booth to be populated by Gutenberg lookalikes in VR headgear. 

In fact, that’s a GREAT idea. Just don’t tell Benny Landa. 


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