Overmatter: artwork oopsy

Jo Francis
Monday, July 22, 2019

After many years in the printing and publishing business, Overmatter knows only too well the many and varied perils of the typo, or the item of dummy copy that makes its way all the way to print.

It’s good to know this stuff also happens to major brands, as eagle-eyed TCC Global insights director Bryan Roberts proved when he spotted a shelf-edge sign in Waitrose promoting its vegan fish fingers (actually, fishless) that concluded with “If it’s still too long let me know”. 

The comment trail to his tweet also proved priceless for all aficionados of the production blunder, with one respondent detailing how her electric kettle came with instructions that were actually, oopsy, the artwork instructions. 

A classic dual-language blooper sign also featured, whereby the Welsh translation of a large ‘no entry for heavy good vehicles’ sign was rendered as ‘I am not in the office at the moment. Send any work to be translated’. An error writ-large that never gets old. 

Anyhow, somewhat predictably the thread also included a suitable level of outrage at the entire concept of vegan fish fingers, while others reckoned it was all just one of those clever viral marketing ploys. We think not. 


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