A gin-ovative campaign turns Tube into a capital destination

Rhys Handley
Tuesday, September 24, 2019

It seems the summer came and went in a flash, with unprecedented bursts of heat punctuated by spells of rain and gloom. Compared with the consistent highs in 2018, it’s been a bit up and down – but that didn’t dampen the spirits of Hendrick’s Gin as it launched one of the most ambitious seasonal advertising campaigns of the year.

What was produced?

An extensive collaboration between advertising agency Space and print/OOH specialists from Vizeum UK, Global OOH and Posterscope saw the largest-ever full-tunnel wrap on the London Underground installed in the main walkway in Kings Cross St Pancras tube station.

In situ for the bulk of the summer, the project covered the walls and floors of the tunnel in a variety of vinyl and poster paper substrates, which were also scented to circulate the aromas of the tipple and reinforce the immersive intent of the project.

What did the job entail?

The 74m-long application consisted of 109 panels of 3M 48C-20R wall vinyl, 57 sections of Mactac 309 floor vinyl and 20 12-sheets of Performance paper, all printed by Reading-based VGL on its Durst Rho 512R 5m-wide large-format printer.

A rose/cucumber scent varnish was applied on top of the printed posters, while all materials were laminated on a roll-to-roll laminator and hand-cut to size. 3M 38048G overlaminate was used for the wall vinyl and LUV6301 floor laminate for the floor vinyl.

What challenges were overcome?

Much effort was put into making sure the colours matched across the three substrates as the inter-agency team made full use of the Rho’s colour management capabilities. The key challenge, however, was installation, which had to take place in the (very) early hours of the morning between 1.40am-4am, over a total of eight nights, five for the walls and three for the floor. 

Posterscope planning and buying manager Dylan Hardie said: “A team of eight installed the wall graphics, starting in the middle with one team moving one way and the other team moving the other way until a wall was complete. Then the same process on the other wall. Then the team installed the floor vinyl.”

What was the feedback?

Space account director Katie Vine said: “Joining up design with a great creative idea in a clever media space can turn an ad into a destination. The campaign was a fantastic team effort and became something people went out of their way to see which is rare, especially on TfL.

“It was also interesting to see how print, used in the right way, can be as immersive and engaging as anything else. You don’t need tech to engage an audience. A simple idea executed well can resonate with people in the most meaningful of ways.”

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