Fespa 2019: stand highlights

Nick Mansley
Monday, April 15, 2019

Our list of the hot launches at this year's event

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Admiral Tapes B6-D37

UK-based Admiral Tapes is launching Edge-Tex, a self-adheisve PVC strip that is used to lock printed fabric into the channel of aluminium (LED, back-lit and front-lit frames) to create a flat tensioned surface.

The product is intended to remove the need to use an industrial sewing machine as it can be applied by hand, simplifying installation of printed graphics. 

Admiral says the special adhesive system ingresses into the fabric to provide a strong long-term bond. Graphics can also be inserted and exchanged into different frames as required. 

Edge-Tex is denser than the traditional silicone strip that is used for this application, which provides an additional benefit because the reduced stretch is more compatible with fabric, according to the firm.

Adobe B6-C90

Adobe will be demonstrating its new Project Paras tool for Photoshop, which is designed to help creatives to streamline the process of designing fabrics.

Project Paras enables the creation of a pattern that repeats on a grid, so fabric artists can view their design element in the context of the surrounding repeat. It can also be used to define separations for printing, by identifying the most significant colours in a design. It enables the designer to specify the colour name for each separation, whatever the source of the swatch.

Project Paras also enables designers to save their work in formats suitable for modern and traditional print processes.

Agfa B4-L10

Agfa will show off the capabilities of the Jeti Tauro H3300 LED six-colour hybrid that offers low ink consumption for UV-cured prints up to 3.3m wide. It can print at speeds up to 453m²/hr in a variety of loading modes: manual, master roll-to-roll, semi-automated and fully automated. It can be configured with up to 60 Ricoh inkjet printheads, with 48 in CMYK and 12 in either white or white and primer.

Also on stand will be the Anapurna H3200i LED, a mid-range six-colour-plus-white hybrid LED inkjet system suited for a variety of rigid and flexible substrates up to 3.2m for indoor and outdoor applications.

AMC Intercoat A4-M70

Intercoat is unveiling a water-based adhesive for difficult surfaces, P10.

The product is able to adhere to rough and low-energy surfaces while retaining a degree of repositionability. The adhesive can be combined with PVC as well as with polyolefin and polyester films. P10 is suitable for a range of applications including graphic arts, logistics or industrial marking. It is perfect for outdoor containers and sign posting in construction areas.

The company is also launching 1445 H14 R1, a high-opacity adhesive film fit for show windows and glass surfaces, seasonal use in retail stores and other indoor event areas. The film has a perfect block-out effect and comes with a highly removable and clear adhesive, says the firm.

ArtisJet B5-H94

ArtisJet will introduce its new automated A5 mini LED UV printer, the proV6, a “one click” system for small batch printing of customised items, such as cosmetics primary packaging, promotional products, RFID cards or smartphone accessories.

It prints in four colours plus white and uses micro-Piezo Epson DX7 printheads. It can print on objects and substrates up to 50mm thick.

The company says the proV6 delivers cost-effective colour across a wide range of applications.

It benefits from high colour accuracy and high quality, at resolutions up to 720x2,880dpi, according to the manufacturer. It can also be used to create print effects such as embossed surfaces using clear varnish.

An air filter is designed to keep emissions and smell to a minimum, making it suitable for use in shops and small working spaces.

Aslan A5-F65

German self-adhesive films specia-list Aslan will be exhibiting several new self-adhesive films for specific applications.

Two of the new materials are additions to the MetalLux SE 50 series: “luscious matt” Champagne and Platinum. The manufacturer says these films “bring a sophisticated style into every room” and can be applied over entire surfaces or can be used as selective highlights. The printable versions of these films, known as Print MetalLux Aslan SEP 50, will also be on show.

Aslan has extended its popular range of memoboard products with the addition of Blackboard PP Dryapply Aslan BBL 920, a PVC-free chalk board film, and FerroSoft Blackboard Aslan FF 540, a PVC-free magnetically receptive chalk board film. To complete the memoboard range Aslan has introduced a new magnetically-receptive matt whiteboard film, FerroSoft Whiteboard matt Aslan FF 490, suitable for use with projectors. Aslan added that all the memoboard films have high scratch resistance and do not show any ghosting or shadowing even with frequent use.

AstroNova A5-G67

US-based AstroNova is introducing the latest addition to its QuickLabel digital labelling series, the QL-300. The roll-to-roll table-top device is a toner-based printer that can print in five colours at 1,200dpi. 

The manufacturer describes the printer as “revolutionary within the label printing industry”. 

The addition of white means the printer is suitable for direct printing on coloured materials, such as black polyester or silver paper. It also ensures excellent readability when printing barcodes, even on transparent materials. It can also print high UV-resistant ‘no-label’ look labels.

The high scratch resistance of the print result extends the use of the QL-300 in all areas which demand the highest requirements, such as in the chemical, cosmetic and e-cigarette industries, but also as a viable option for all applications.

It can also print on a range of substrates, from paper and metalised polyester to transparent materials. AstroNova says the transparent labels are more flexible and cost-effective compared to direct printing. Other effects for increasing customer motivation to buy a product are also possible, such as bottle transparency.

The printer can operate at up to 152mm/second and has a maximum print width of 126mm.

BigPrinter A5-J55 

Russian manufacturer BigPrinter will show a new-to-the-UK brand of products under the tagline ‘From Russia With Love’. BigPrinter is the market leader in wide-format inkjet and cutter/CNC machines in Russia and has just started to sell outside of Russia, having now appointed dealers in Germany, France, Italy and the UK (Conversion UK). The wide-format printers are named BigJet while the Cutter/CNC devices go by the name BigZee.

Conversion says the products are extremely well engineered and BigPrinter has developed some unique applications that differentiate it in the market.

The BigJet printers are also described as high-specification machines with unique capabilities, and at a significantly lower price than more established competitors.

For example, the BigJet UV 2031iDS has a bed size of 3.1x2.02m and can print on materials up to 100mm thick at up to 1,016x1,440dpi. It has a top speed of 28m²/hr and uses an insert comprising CMYK plus, light cyan, light magenta, white and varnish.

It also boasts a white ink circulation system and a drop size of 6pl.

The company added that BigZee cutters and CNC machines represent an alternative to Kongsberg or Zünd machines, with a similar build quality and an attractive cost benefit.

On show for the first time at Fespa is a new 3.2m roll-to-roll printer.

Brett MartinB5-G60

UK-based Brett Martin will be presenting the latest addition to its leading Foamalux Foam PVC range alongside its extensive transparent sheet ranges, although it is not releasing details at the moment. Sales director Duncan Smith says: “This year, we’re excited to be exhibiting a brand new product from our already successful Foamalux range… It increases the scope for our partners and customers to let their imaginations fly even higher and take their creativity up yet another level.”

Canon B5-E30 

Canon will showcase its new Océ Arizona 1300 Series with new UV-LED inks and new features. The newest additions to Canon’s Arizona portfolio are aimed at customers who are ready to upgrade from their first flatbed or hybrid system to something that reaches mid-market requirements with higher productivity and print quality.

Boasting increased versatility across a range of media, such as canvas, wood, tile and glass, there are six variants of the Arizona 1300, starting with the Océ Arizona 1340 GT which runs a four-channel CMYK ink setup on a 1.25x2.5m flatbed.

Canon UK head of graphics and communications business groups Wayne Barlow says the 1300 series is “equipped with our latest productivity and ease of use innovations”.

The 1300 series is split into two groups of three – the GT printers all run 1.25x2.5m flatbeds, while the larger XT printers run on 2.5x3.08m. Both groups comprise a four-channel 1340, a six-channel 1360 that runs CMYK plus two-channel white, or white and varnish, and a 1380 that builds on the six-channel version with the additions of light cyan and light magenta.

Also on show will be Océ Xpert software solution that simplifies and automates complex print jobs; Océ Arizona 6170 XTS including High Flow Vacuum to easily print challenging media; and Océ Colorado 1640 with inline XY cutting technology from partner Fotoba.

CSC A6-E53

CSC Screen Process will introduce the Zeus V hybrid direct-to-garment printer. The printer is built around CSC’s Rei technology an is described by the manufacturer as highly automated and “one of the simplest” DTG printers in the world.

The proprietary Rei technology improves the printability of dark fabrics by applying a base coat before application of high-vibrancy Ecosol inks.

Cut Expert B5-E55

Cut Expert is making its Fespa debut. The Bavarian company will show its wide range of carbide knife blades, plotter knives, milling cutters and router bits, among other things, all suitable for leading flatbed cutters and plotters.


Durst is another company playing its cards close to its chest, but it has said that it will unveil an “extended P5 series” at the show.

EFI B5-E10

On show for the first time at Fespa will be EFI’s Pro 32r, launched at the end of last year. The entry-level LED roll-to-roll printer is described as an economical, production-level 3.2m-wide machine that can also print on two 1.6m-wide rolls.

The printer uses EFI SuperRange XF LED inks and can print at up to 635dpi at a maximum speed of 207m²/hr. It features a built-in EFI Fiery digital front-end (DFE) with Fast RIP acceleration technology, eight Ricoh Gen 5 printheads that have a minimum drop size of 7pl and uses four colours plus optional white ink. EFI’s cool-cure LED imaging technology lowers power consumption and extends the range of supported substrates.

Target applications include banners, billboards, building wraps, flags, floor graphics, POS, posters, textiles, signage, wall graphics and wallpaper.

Also on show will be the Vutek h5 hybrid high-volume LED printer. This 3.2m-wide printer can run up to 109 boards per hour and features eight-colour and optional four-colour modes plus white, as well as the capability to print up to nine layers. 

EFI says the LED-enabled machine extends the range of supported substrates, including lower-cost and added-value speciality media. It increases uptime and productivity with instant on/off and less maintenance required and reduces waste with consistent colour output and simple operation.

The firm is also showing its latest Vutek FabriVU dye-sublimation printer, the 340i, which it says offers production level speeds, outstanding image quality and inline fixation capability. It allows users to direct print to fabric and sublimate inline for one-offs that are immediately ready for finishing and shipping.

Elitron A5-H50

Elitron will be demonstrating Klick, an innovative solution developed specifically to automate the pre-printing preparation process. Klick can be interfaced with all printers to speed up the print process, reduce ink wastage, keep the printing bed cleaner and enable the reuse of otherwise left-over materials. 

Also new is the Kombo SDC+ 21.32 cutting system. This has a vacuum working area of 2.1x3.2m and a multi-tool cutting head, engineered to integrate and automate the production workflow with superwide-format printers, to cut both roll and rigid materials. Elitron says it is ideal for digitally printed fabrics and all visual communication media.

Elitron is also expecting its new compact conveyor cutting system, the Spark 19.16, to raise eyebrows at the show. The device has a vacuum working area of 1.9x1.6m and will be shown working in a production line to simulate a realistic workflow. 

Epson B5-G10

Epson says that visitors to its stand will be able to see two new products, as well as specialist applications and creativity. However, it is not revealing details at the moment. UK sales manager Phil McMullin, says: “We will unveil two new products at the show but will not give details at this stage. Visitors will be able to see the benefit Epson can offer by having control of the print engine, printhead and inks and how open minds and R&D can help us bring new ideas to the development of printers.”

Flexa B5-G50

Flexa is showing a new version of its Miura II Plus automatic XY cutter, with the ability to handle media rolls up to 200kg and 400mm in diameter. The machine can be fitted with a new motorised collecting table that can be electronically adjusted in height and incline. The table can be extended to 3m.

Also on show will be the 1.6m-wide Easy Lite laminator equipped with two new features: the roller pressure display and the motorised lifting of the upper roller with a display to see the exact height of the roller, very useful to get the best result in terms of lamination, according to Flexa.

Fujifilm A5-G15 

Fujifilm will use its stand to showcase the Acuity Ultra, a superwide format printer targeted at the high-end indoor graphics and outdoor signage markets. This latest addition to the Fujifilm Acuity range is a high-productivity, UV superwide format printer offering “almost photographic” levels of quality at greater speeds, lower cost in use and better return on investment “than any other existing machine”. 

The Acuity Ultra is available in 5m and 3.2m models with eight colour channels. It uses a new, high-quality, low film weight Uvijet GS ink formulated to deliver high quality.

HP A5-F30

HP is keeping details of its Fespa launches under wraps until nearer the show, but we do know that it will be highlighting the environmental benefits of its Recycled Satin Canvas, which performs similarly to other digitally printable wide format canvases on the market, is made from 100% recycled water bottles. Approximately 22 bottles are used in each metre of material produced.

Imballaggi Protettivi A5-J32

Italian materials developer Imballaggi Protettivi will be unveiling IPrinto, a honeycomb polypropylene (PP) board with a bubble structure. There is also IPrintoPlus, a version of IPrinto with black core for opacity, and IPrintoFoam a PP sandwich panel with XPS foam inside.

Inglet B5-F58

This Spanish manufacturer of cutting devices for the wide-format sector is launching the InBlade Pro cutter. This is a pneumatic version of its big-selling InBlade cutter that improves performance.

Kao Chimigraf B6-C40

Kao Chimigraf will be showing off its new Aqua inks. These are water-based inkjet inks for roll-to-roll plastic applications with Epson printheads, available in 880ml cartridges and 2L bags. The company says that this is the first water-based ink in the market to adhere to PVC banner, vinyl, PE/PET/PP, etc, as well as to non-coated papers, suitable for outdoor and indoor applications.

Kohlschein B5-F56

The German display board manufacturer will unveil StudioBoard, a laminated board with identical triple-coated surfaces on both sides. The product is FSC-certified. The firm says StudioBoard offers excellent print results in offset and UV-offset as well as screen and direct digital printing. It added that it is ideal for techniques such as varnishing, foil laminating and die-cutting.

Lemu Group B6-A37

Lemu Group is a Spanish manufacturer specialising in roll-to-roll systems. It says it will unveil a new range of wide web converting lines up to 3.5m wide for sublimation paper, although details are scarce.

Marabu B5-E28

The German ink developer will be showing a new low-migration UV-curable screen printing ink for PE/PP plastic food packaging; a one-component ink for printing on glass and metal; and a new UV-curable screen printing ink for credit cards. 

Also new are Mara Jet DI-TV, a solvent-based inkjet ink for the Roland TrueVIS printer range, and what is claimed to be the “world’s first water-based pad printing ink”.

Microtec A6-E50

Microtec will be showing two new UV flatbed printers, the TX6090 and the N4060.

The TX6090 is designed for high-speed production-level operations and can print directly on to “almost any material”. 

The printer has a bed size of 600x900mm and features automatic height measurement for substrates up to 130mm thick. 

It prints in four colours plus white using two TX800 printheads from Epson.

The N4060 is based on similar technology but has a smaller print size of 600x400mm and uses Epson’s DX5 printhead.

Mimaki Europe B6-A30 

Mimaki Europe has announced that it will host visitors on its largest-ever Fespa stand. 

The company says the increase in stand size reflects not only its broad portfolio offering, but also its international growth, market-leading position and commitment to customer success. Mimaki will also use the show platform to launch new feature-rich products to drive customer differentiation and profitability.

The stand will encompass four key business areas: Sign Graphics, Industrial Products, Textiles and 3D. “By showing the smartest portfolio of cutting-edge technologies, we aim to demonstrate our clear commitment to the industry,” says Danna Drion, marketing manager, Mimaki EMEA.

“We head to Fespa 2019 with a product portfolio that epitomises this capability. In addition, we will use the show to educate the market – showing a wide range of successful and profitable applications enabled by our printing solutions, driving increased customer revenue,” says Drion.

Within Sign Graphics Mimaki will showcase its flagship UV LED and eco-solvent roll-to-roll printing systems, ranging from entry level to high-productivity printers, including the UCJV300-75, an award-winning UV integrated printer-cutter; and the CJV150-160, an entry-level eco-solvent integrated printer/cutter, offering high performance, versatility and richness in colour. 

Industrial Products will showcase three flatbed direct-to-object LED UV digital printers from the UJF Series: the UJF-7151plus, the UJF-3042 MkII and the UJF-6042 MkII.

Textiles will highlight the manufacturer’s latest dye sublimation printer, the Mimaki TS55-1800. Offering continuous operation and a strong price/quality ratio, this printer is designed for users that demand high productivity and high quality print with vibrant colours and vivid imagery. 

Under the 3D banner, Mimaki will show the 3DUJ-553 3D printer running live and delivering objects with super fine details and smooth surfaces, the firm says. 

Finally, Mimaki will debut its latest UV-curable metallic ink, named MUH-100-Si. The company says the new ink strengthens Mimaki’s product offering and pushes the boundaries of graphic expression beyond that of ordinary UV flatbed inkjet printers. The ink is compatible with Mimaki’s UJF-7151plus printer, which produces high-quality print for a wide range of applications, from gifts and novelty items to wide-format boards.

Bert Benckhuysen, senior product manager, Mimaki Europe commented: “We are very excited to launch this metallic ink. At Mimaki we dedicate ourselves to providing customers with products that will allow them to stand out within their markets. Not only will the new metallic ink ensure this, but it will also provide a much more efficient way for our customers to manufacture more luxurious and sophisticated products.”

Mutoh Europe B5-F29

Mutoh will show the new ValueJet 1627MH hybrid printer featuring a hot-air knife media drying system and unique resin-based inks enabling direct printing on both rigid and roll substrates. 

This is a relatively low-cost hybrid roll/sheet wide-format inkjet that uses a new MP31 ‘resin’ CMYK plus white inkset in place of the more usual UV-cure type. It’s a 1,627mm-wide (64in) machine with a roll-to-roll feed for flexible media, plus removable tables to support rigid media up to 16mm thick. 

Also on show will be Mutoh’s PerformanceJet 2508UF, a true flatbed, 1,250x2,540mm, LED UV printer with moving gantry as well as the ValueJet X Series sign & display printers for high quality outdoor and indoor graphics, incorporating Mutoh’s DropMaster technology.

Onyx B5-F40

Onyx will release version 18.5 of its eponymous software product. Onyx 18.5 includes the latest technological advances, such as support for PDF 2.0 features including black-point compensation, new spot colour tools for greater accuracy and vibrancy, enhanced iccMAX compatibility, and new Quick Set application library management to get to sellable prints faster.

Poli-Tape Klebefolien A6-D35

German textile transfer film specialist Poli-Tape is launching several new products or product variants. Five new colours will be added to the company’s Turbo heat transfer film. Image is a new reflective heat transfer film. Poli-Lux 770 UV is a specially developed laminate suitable for UV ink, which prevents any white gaps or air bubbles creating a silvering effect. 162 UV is a film with a reliable tack onto all UV-printed media. PT 162 UV is perfectly suitable for more structured surfaces like floor graphics, interior design, wallpaper etc, according to the company.

Polyprint A6-C30

Greek manufacturer Polyprint will unveil the new TexJet echo2 DTG printer officially launched in January as a successor to the popular TexJet echo. The new and enhanced model is designed to offer the highest print quality for the lowest cost per print, making it a good choice for start-ups and small businesses ready to scale up, according to Polyprint. The echo2 can use two different ink configurations: CMYK plus white, for both dark and light-coloured garments; and dual-CMYK, which ups output speed by 40% on light-coloured garments or prints not requiring white ink. Ink configurations can be changed at any time. 

Echo2 comes with 10 exchangeable t-shirt platens that ‘snap on’ magnetically, ranging in dimension from 15x15cm to a maximum size of 41x60cm, with adjustable frame systems to keep thin and thick garments flattened offering the highest printing ability.

PPtex B4-J15

German business PPtex develops, produces and supplies textiles suitable for digital printing. At Fespa it will be launching two products: Deco and Deco Opaque Black, which were developed especially for EFI FabriVu textile printers.

Redgiant B6-D78A

Korean company Redgiant specialises in the development and manufacturing of large format digital printing inks. At Fespa the company will be launching Textile Pigment Ink, a DTG-specific formulation.

Ricoh Europe B4-K31 PIC

Under its ‘Print.Redefined’ banner, Ricoh will present new systems for businesses that want to enhance the services they offer.

The Ricoh Pro L5160 latex roll-to-roll large-format printer is designed to meet an increased need to deliver broader job capabilities, as well as faster short-run production and elevated productivity. 

Ricoh UK inkjet sales manager Stewart Cobby cited low power consumption as a key selling point of the Pro L5160, due to a lower operating temperature when compared with the previous model.

“We have also invested heavily in our ink capabilities over the last few years. These include our white and CMYK capabilities. These capabilities, along with Ricoh’s flexibility and support, really can empower sign and display businesses to take the next step in what they can offer to customers,” he added.

Also new is the easy to use Ri 100 DTG printer intended to enable print providers to deliver flexible, cost-effective digitally printed offerings including t-shirts, cloth bags, hoodies, sweatshirts and socks.

Also on stand will be the five colour Ricoh Pro C7200x colour sheetfed press, which will be running “inspiring” fifth colour applications on a range of media.

In the solutions hub the latest in intuitive software capabilities will demonstrate how consistently accurate and high-quality production can be achieved from one single workflow platform. The ColorGate production server will be present, following the December 2018 acquisition of the company.

Joining these will be a new large format flatbed system, although details are scant at present.

Roland DG A5-H10

As part of its TrueVis VG2 series of large-format printers, Roland will show for the first time the TrueVis VG2-640 large-format print and cut system.

“In developing the VG2, Roland DG have looked at every element of the original VG and made any improvements possible,” says Roland DG head of sales for the UK and Ireland Rob Goleniowski.

“The VG series has enjoyed enormous popularity and thousands of units have been sold worldwide since its launch in 2016. With a high volume of users comes a large pool of potential feedback and we have taken direction from our customers to develop a new generation of machines that better fit their needs.”

He added: “Any business looking for a reliable, affordable and high-quality print-and-cut solution will find the VG2 to be a strong contender for their next investment.”

Rolls Roller B5-F60

Fespa will see the debut of the new Regular model of the Swedish firm’s patented Rolls Roller flatbed mounting and lamination. 

The Regular is available in a wide range of options. It features a pneumatically controlled roller which is automatically adjusted for substrates up to 60mm thick. It is available in sizes up to 1.7x4m.

Sakurai Graphic Systems A6-A30

Sakurai will be unveiling the LQM 105 Luxury, a hot foiling processing manufacturing line that incorporates both screen process and foil embossing technologies and carries out both processes in one pass, which Sakurai says improves efficiency and productivity.

Sappi Europe B6-B30

Sappi will launch a new dye-sublimation paper, Transjet Drive, which has been designed for printers with glue belt systems and other high-speed printers. It has a smooth reverse side that adapts to the glue belt while the coating on the top side ensures a high colour brilliance. Sappi says it enjoys high runability on glue belts and ensures stable and long lasting glue belt properties as well as fast drying and release features.

Serimak A6-D20

This Turkish ink developer will unveil new metallic inks: High Gold, High Silver and High Copper.

SwissQprint A5-H30

The Swiss firm will launch its first dedicated roll-to-roll printer, the Karibu, but it’s not providing much in the way of detail at the moment. The manufacturer says the Karibu has features and capabilities “like no other large-format printer and comes packed with all the experience we have gained over decades of developing and manufacturing high-quality flatbed printers”.

Sun Chemical B4-K10

Sun Chemical will showcase its Streamline range of superwide solvent inks, formulated specifically for high-volume, high speed printing. A new addition to the Streamline range is APY, an ink for high speed aqueous poster printing. According to Sun Chemical Streamline APY offers faster drying compared to competitive aqueous inks, improved print finish, higher colour vibrancy and lower energy consumption for drying systems. Print samples will be available on the stand. The manufacturer says the inks ensure high impact imagery at maximum productivity. 

Trotec Laser B6-B60

Austrian cutting specialist Trotec will launch the latest in its SP series of large-format cutting devices, the SP4000, which is aimed at the soft signage market. Trotec describes the SP series as highly efficient and ideal for demanding cutting applications, including plastics, wood, textiles and more. Details are not available as of going to press, but the expected bed length is in excess of 4m. 


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