Drupa 2024

Rethinking trade show engagement


Trade shows can be great for marketing, networking and observing new trends and technologies, but is their relevance universally guaranteed or do changing working practices pose an existential threat?

Shows offer opportunities for companies to meet their customers, but can either afford to wait years to meet or would they be better focusing on regular, timely contact?

Connecting with customers
Since Covid, there have been changes in the way companies operate. Online meetings are a practical way of conducting business. Given this shift in work style, InSoft asks: are long trade shows important anymore?

It believes the questions is particularly pertinent for companies that sell software, where demonstrations by their nature are on screen. Equally, continuous and frequent engagement with customers benefits all stakeholders, because software development cycles are short.

As a result, InSoft has decided to give Drupa 2024 a miss. Instead, the company said it “prefers to remain available to customers online, participate in short-duration trade shows and focused events, host user conferences and travel to customer facilities".

InSoft’s focus is on the all-important starting point of the print chain: layout planning. It lays claim to being the world’s first and perhaps only automation and optimisation software for imposition and ganging targeted at a wide range of print products.

InSoft customers benefit from unique algorithms and software intelligence developed over years of evolution and problem solving. Unlike large language models (LLMs), the AI embedded in its products is accurate, reliable, efficient and without any biases – the gold standard of automated imposition and layout planning.